Annual High School Awards Ceremony



THE SCOTIA-GLENVILLE HIGH SCHOOL SCHOLASTIC HONOR AWARD – MEDAL – Given to the members of the graduating class who have completed their studies with the highest achievement.  Cristiana Bianchi, Liam Burke, Corrine Conley, Gwenyth Currie, Breeze de Jong, Nhu Quynh Duong, Gabrielle Estes, Haley Francois, Amy Fuller, Katherine Gallagher, Alexandra Jerreld, Tatiana Leggiero, Molly Malone, Abigail Marola, Emily McCarthy, Brianna McGlauflin, Keith Ogden, Thomas Omicinski, Ashlyn O’Neil, Sophia Schaub, Mikayla Schoonmaker, Lauren Sill, Robert Joey Titus, John Toftegaard, Kaitlyn Wilson, Asia Winney

THE SCOTIA-GLENVILLE HIGH SCHOOL DEPARTMENTAL AWARD – MEDAL – Given to a member of the graduating class in each of the disciplines.  The recipient must have completed a sequence in the subject, excelled academically, demonstrated commitment, and enthusiasm which is indicative of continued interest and success in the field.

  • ENGLISH                                                    Breeze de Jong
  • LANGUAGE                                               Danial Rehman             
  • MATHEMATICS                                        John Toftegaard   
  • SCIENCE/HEALTH                                Keith Ogden
  • SOCIAL STUDIES                                      Breeze de Jong        
  • ART                                                              Shaelyn Kahrs 
  • BUSINESS EDUCATION                           Abigail Bacon         
  • MUSIC                                                         Liam Fitzgerald       
  • OCCUPATIONAL EDUCATION              Colton Maranville    
  • PHYSICAL EDUCATION                         Catherine Rumfelt      
  • TECHNOLOGY                                         Nicholas Wolfe

FOUR YEARS PERFECT ATTENDANCE– To members of the Class of 2019 who have maintained a record of perfect attendance for all four years of high school.  Gabrielle Estes, Brianna McGlauflin                                  

RONALD REAGAN LEADERSHIP MEDAL – Every high school in America may nominate one graduating senior for a Ronald Reagan Leadership Medal.  This award allows schools to recognize outstanding high school students whose drive, integrity, and citizenship qualities are emblematic of our nation’s 40th President.  Haley Francois

SCOTIA-GLENVILLE DENTAL CENTER SUCCCESSFULLY OVERCOMING LIFE’S OBSTACLES AWARD-$200-To acknowledge students who have triumphed over health issues beyond their control that hindered his/her attendance at school.  David Sanders

THE DOUG MCMANUS MEMORIAL AWARD-$200-Presented to a graduating senior who was a track athlete and who has demonstrated perseverance, dedication, is studious, dependable, hard-working, considerate of others, and someone who has successfully met many of life’s challenges.  Donated by Doug McManus, Jr. and Gene Stemm (former student and member of S-G Hall of Fame).  Gabriel Winters-Bona

GLEN-WORDEN PTA SHAWNA DAVENPORT SCHOLARSHIP-$500-Open to a senior who attended Glen-Worden School, has demonstrated good citizenship, including extracurricular activities and community service, satisfactory scholastic achievement, and who will attend a post-secondary education institution.  Brianna McGlauflin

THE FRED C. FAHEY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP-$100-By friends and colleagues, in memory of Mr. Fred Fahey, the founder of the Mohawk Ambulance Company.  Open to a senior who is committed to a career related to medicine, medical technology, or health service, who has potential for leadership and service and who is dedicated to the improvement of the health and safety of their community.  Danial Rehman

FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF SCOTIA AWARD-$500-To the student with the highest average in a business education sequence.   Austin VanNatten 

THE JAMES D. MORROW MEMORIAL BASKETBALL SCHOLARSHIP-$500-To a basketball player who has demonstrated dedication, determination, and purpose in everything he/she does.  David Hacker

THE JAMES D. MORROW MEMORIAL DRAMA CLUB SCHOLARSHIP -$500-To a drama club member who has demonstrated dedication, determination, and purpose in everything he/she does.  Robert Joey Titus

POLSINELLI FRIENDS & FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP IN MEMORY OF LUKE POLSINELLI – $2,250-To members of Luke’s graduating class who participates in extracurricular activities, enjoys life, one who is a good friend to many, is kind, caring and considerate.  Daniel Bloomer, Jarrett Iannotti, Sara King, John Toftegaard

THE SHANNON TAMUL MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP-$200-To a graduating cheerleader who has demonstrated leadership, enthusiasm, kindness and compassion for others, and dedication to school and community.  MacKenzie McCollum

THE PAUL LASHER BOSLEY SCHOLARSHIP-$1,500-Awarded to a senior football player who most closely shares the passion Paul had for football and who will be attending a two or four year college program or trade school. Incenzio Davis

THE PAUL LASHER ATHLETIC MEMORIAL AWARD -$250-Presented to a graduating senior who has participated in a varsity sport, demonstrated leadership skills and athletic ability and a passion for life.   Rianna Passino

THE FRIENDS AND FAMILY OF SGHS CLASS OF 1962 MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP-$250-Open to a senior who is an active member of  their graduating class and is interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare field.  Nickolai Swain

THE LION’S CLUB AWARD-$1,000 -To members of the graduating class, “Who in the opinion of the faculty have shown concern for their fellow man and who consistently volunteer to help those in need.”  Braeden Ossenfort, Nickolai Swain

THE PHILIP T. HILL MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP -$500-To a member of the graduating class planning for a career in accounting or a related field who has demonstrated satisfactory scholarship and a caring attitude toward others.  In memory of Philip T. Hill “Class of ‘68” by friends and co-workers at the Kingsway Arms Nursing Home.  Haley Francois

THE DR. DEBORAH CADMAN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP-$2,000-To a senior who exemplifies the following qualities; ethical, honest, respectful, community volunteer, strives to stretch themselves academically; demonstrates curiosity and enthusiasm for  learning;  participates in school activities and has an interest in pursuing a career in education through community college or four year college.  Erika Swiecicki

THE SCOTIA FIRE DEPARTMENT SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS -$250-Given to seniors who have shown an interest in bettering the community by individual effort or by participation in a school, church, or community activity.  Interest and participation in fire safety is one expression of a valid activity.  Brianna McGlauflin, Kaitlyn Wilson

THE DAVID & ELEANOR LEWIS MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP-$500-To a graduating senior who has participated in the ARC GIVE program for a period of at least one year.  Natalie Bean

THE DR. SAMUEL J. COPPOLA MEMORIAL KIWANIS SCHOLARSHIP-$250-Open to a senior for outstanding achievement in the technology department.  Dante Coppola

THE PAT MCGIVERN MEMORIAL KIWANIS SCHOLARSHIP– $1,000-To a graduating senior who is going on to college and who has been a very active and contributing member of Key Club.  Lillian Cremo

THE JACK PURDY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP –$1,000-For a student that has been accepted and will attend a vocational or technical school.  Sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Scotia-Glenville.  David Currie

THE CHARLES W. MARTZ AWARD -$150-To a graduating senior who shares a sense of humor, demonstrates an intrinsic love of learning, exhibits high moral standards with regard to honesty and respect, works conscientiously and helps others of their own volition.  Ryan Rockwell

THE BEUKENDAAL FIRE DEPARTMENT AWARD–$400-Given to graduates pursuing a higher education and who have shown a desire to serve their community. Allison Baerga, Corrine Conley, Ryan Rockwell  

THE GLENVILLE HILL VOLUNTEER FIRE COMPANY SCHOLARSHIP -$250-Open to residents in the Glenville Hill Fire District #8 who have demonstrated positive qualities as volunteers in the community and school, who have shown integrity, leadership qualities, concern for others, and the ability to work harmoniously with individuals.  Haley Francois, John Toftegaard

JOHN AND MARGARET FRANCOIS MUSIC SCHOLARSHIP – $300-To an academically qualified student who has consistently demonstrated the positive qualities of a potential educator, and who intends to pursue a degree in music education.  Ashawna Merritt

THE P.E.O. CHAPTER OF A.N. SCOTIA, NY AWARD -$350-To a senior girl planning to pursue higher education beginning at a local community college who has demonstrated solid academic achievement, strong character, and extra community involvement.  Sarah Purdy

THE MOUNTAIN RIDGE ADVENTURE COMMUNITY SCHOLARSHIP-$150-Awarded to a member of the Class of 2019 whose winning essay addressed the question, “How can society encourage more unstructured outdoor play?” Keith Ogden

THE PETER H. SCHRADER CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY SCHOLARSHIP-$500-To a member of the graduating class with a desire to pursue a career in construction or a construction related field and who is mechanically inclined and has demonstrated a good work ethic.  David Currie

THE SCOTIA-GLENVILLE ELKS LODGE SCHOLARSHIPS -$500-To graduating seniors who competed in state scholarship programs and exhibited exemplary academic and extra-curricular records and general worthiness.  Cristiana Bianchi, Gwenyth Currie

ROTARY SCHOLARSHIP-$1,000-Open to seniors who best fit the Rotary motto:  “Service above self, he profits most who serves best.”  Keith Ogden, Catherine Rumfelt

SCOTIA ROTARY FOUNDATION PEDRICK, PETERSON & HOLLENBECK MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP -$2,000-To a senior who best exemplifies the Rotary motto “Service above Self.”  Abigail Marola

SCOTIA ROTARY FOUNDATION KATHLEEN CLOTHIER -RAYMOND CLOTHIER SCHOLARSHIP AWARD – $2,000-To a graduating senior who will use the scholarship “to further his or her education at the college or university of his or her choice.” Emily McCarthy

LINCOLN SCHOOL PTA SCHOLARSHIP -$500-Open to a senior who attended Lincoln School, in consideration of outstanding personal qualities and fine scholarship, felt to be most in keeping with the ideals set forth as a teacher by Dorothy C. Burbank.  Asia Winney

CAROLYN GERDIN SCHOLARSHIP-$500-Open to a graduating senior who attended Lincoln School.  The student must be focused on volunteerism and community involvement; have good scholastic achievement and plan on attending a post-secondary institution.  Catherine Rumfelt

PATROLMAN ERIC J. VERTERAMO MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP-$5,000-Awarded to a graduating senior who will be pursuing a degree in the Criminal Justice or Law Enforcement field in memory of Patrolman Eric J. Verteramo who lost his life while responding to a personal injury auto accident in the spring of 2004.  Corrine Conley

THE SCOTIA-GLENVILLE SENIOR CITIZENS’ SCHOLARSHIP-$1,000-To a graduating senior who has demonstrated academic merit and community service with noteworthy benefit to senior citizens.  Elizabeth Bryson

THE SCHENECTADY FOUNDATION ANNA HUDSON ERBACHER SCHOLARSHIP -$10,000-This award recognizes graduating high school seniors intending to pursue a career in teaching.  The scholarship is for $2,500 per year for up to four years, subject to continued qualification, including satisfactory grades.  Breeze de Jong

THE KEVIN HADDON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – $300–In memory of Kevin Haddon, a 2008 graduate of Scotia-Glenville High School.  To a graduating senior who attended Votech for welding, HVAC, or electrical and has maintained an average of 85% or higher.  Kyle Heller

FRIENDS OF MUSIC AWARD-$200-To the seniors who have demonstrated outstanding ability, growth in musical skill and unselfish musical service to the school and community. Elizabeth Bryson, Robert Joey Titus, Mikayla Schoonmaker

THE ROBERT WILLIAM DELLA VILLA JR. REMEMBRANCE SCHOLARSHIP -$1,000-The recipient of this scholarship should have displayed “out of the box” thinking throughout the school year in a way that demonstrates creativity and originality.  Micah Schultz

JUNIOR TARTAN FOOTBALL SCHOLARSHIP-$200-Awarded to football players who participated in both Pop Warner and high school football and cheerleaders who participated in high school cheerleading.  Paul Burns, Rosa Introne, Rianna Passino, Ryan Rockwell

THE GRACE SOMMERMAN/JEAN HINMAN  NURSING HEALTH CARE AWARD -$500-Open to a graduating senior who has demonstrated a caring concern for others, responsibility and service to school and community, a sense of humor, academic achievement, and an interest in a nursing health care profession.  In memory of Grace R. Sommerman and Jean Hinman.  Emily McCarthy

ALMA MCNEIL MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP-$1,000-Open to a senior planning to attend a two year college or post-high school vocational training who has demonstrated qualities of good citizenship, friendliness, and school spirit as evidenced by involvement in extra-curricular activities.  Presented by the Scotia-Glenville Teachers’ Association. Nickolai Swain

LESLIE KENNEY/MILDRED PICARD SCHOLARSHIP AWARD-$3,000-Open to a senior planning teaching as a career who has demonstrated leadership qualities, character, and personality suitable for the profession.  Presented by the Scotia-Glenville Teachers’ Association.  Breeze de Jong

VILLAGE BOOK CLUB AWARD-IN MEMORY OF CAROL WELCH-$350-Awarded to a deserving senior girl with a love of books and reading.  Mikayla Schoonmaker

THE JAMES CUFARI MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP-$500-To a graduating senior who has demonstrated academic responsibility and is planning on attending college or a post-secondary training program.  They must have demonstrated commitment to be a good citizen by volunteer efforts in school and home and have set goals for career and community service. Nickolai Swain

GLEN-WORDEN PTA SCHOLARSHIP-$500-Open to a senior who attended Glen-Worden School, has demonstrated good citizenship, including extracurricular activities and community service, satisfactory scholastic achievement, and who will attend a post-secondary education institution.  Gabrielle Estes

THE GLENDAAL MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP-$300-Open to seniors who attended Glendaal School for at least one year and who have been accepted by a two or four year accredited college.  The recipients must have demonstrated a solid grade point average, good citizenship, and put forth the best and most consistent effort in all endeavors.  Breeze de Jong, Kelly Mayette

THE SCOTIA-GLENVILLE HIGH SCHOOL PTSA SCHOLARSHIP IN HONOR OF RICHARD J. MCGUIRE -$500-Awarded to seniors who have demonstrated fine personal qualities, admirable conduct and concern for others, and are also most in keeping with the ideals of our former principal, exemplified by good scholastic achievement, good sportsmanship, good citizenship in school and community, and have participated in related activities.  Nhu Quynh Duong, Kaitlyn Wilson

THE KAY STURDY SCHOLARSHIP AWARD-$500-Open to senior boys and girls who attended Sacandaga School who have, during their secondary school years, demonstrated their worth as students and citizens.  Amy Fuller, Mikayla Schoonmaker

THE DENISE LYN SIMMONS MEMORIAL AWARD-$1,000-Open to members of the graduating class who attended Scotia-Glenville Middle School, demonstrated a love of music, voluntarily rendered service to the community, participated in interscholastic athletics, achieved above average scholarship, and provided leadership for their classmates through positive personal values.  Ashawna Merritt

JULIA O. WELLS MEMORIAL EDUCATION FOUNDATION-$500-Presented to a graduating senior who plans to pursue a career in registered professional nursing.  Brandon Sharrow

THE FRANK CINIGLIA MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP-$500-To a graduating senior who has excellent moral character; has worked to the best of his/her ability and has shown consistent academic progress through high school; a person who gains satisfaction from academic achievement and community involvement, and does not seek public recognition or leadership roles.  Olivia DeAngelo

THE DEBORAH MAY MEMORIAL -$500-To a student with a passion for music and/or the stage.  Michael Burns

THE VILLAGE OF SCOTIA PATROLMAN’S BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIP-$250-To a member of the graduating class who demonstrates an interest and commitment to a career in criminal justice or a related endeavor.  Alexandra Jerreld

THE RICHARD W. FYVIE MEMORIAL AWARD-$500-To a graduating senior who has been involved in community service and sports, is in good academic standing, and who may be considering a career in the criminal justice field.  In memory of Richard W. Fyvie.  Sophia Schaub

THE KAREN L. HORNICHEK MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP-$150-Presented in memory of Ms. Karen L. Hornichek, Business Education Department Chairperson 1988-1997, to a graduating senior who has demonstrated academic achievement in the business education program, who shows high standards of conduct, is interested and involved in community and church activities, and who shares the same strong commitment to helping others as demonstrated by this devoted teacher.  Lillian Cremo

THE BLUESHIELD OF NORTHEASTERN NEW YORK SCHOLARS AWARD -$250-Presented to a graduating senior who is pursing studies in the health or human services  and represents BlueShield’s core values:  teamwork, integrity, passion, personal responsibility. Cristiana Bianchi

THE COLLIER SCHOLARSHIP-$5,000-Awarded to seniors who demonstrate a desire to make a difference in the lives of others through their commitment to the field of education as their career choice.  Micah Schultz

THE OYANGEN MERIT AWARD– $250-To members of the graduating class interested in pursuing a career in the medical or dental field.  Amy Fuller, Brianna McGlauflin

THE SCOTIA-GLENVILLE SECRETARIAL ASSOCIATION AWARD-$800-In memory of all former district secretaries to a graduating senior in the business education program who performs his or her duties in a trustworthy manner, possesses a sense of humor, and is able to get along with others.  Andrea Cianfarani

THE MIKE MORTENSEN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP AWARD -$250-Open to a senior who will attend a four year college and will participate in inter-collegiate athletics in at least the Division III Level and has a GPA of 85% or higher.  Asia Winney

CARL M. STEUBING MUSIC AWARD-$400-Awarded to a graduating senior planning to pursue a career in music or music education.  The recipient will have demonstrated excellence in the performing arts during his/her high school career.  Thomas Omicinski

THE DOMINICK MACHERONE AWARD-$500-Awarded to a graduating senior who has excelled in art, been an active participant in the GIVE program, exhibited strong community/school spirit, and a deep sense of caring for others.  Sophia Schaub

SCHENECTADY COUNTY MUSIC ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIP-$250- To a graduating senior who currently attends a Schenectady County School and demonstrates a commitment to music and will be enrolled in a college program with the interest of majoring or minoring in some form of music study.  Mya Thompson

THE LOUIS ARMSTRONG JAZZ AWARD-$100-Awarded to a senior jazz band member in recognition of superior musicianship and individual creativity in the area of jazz.  Samuel Whitehead

JOHN PHILIP SOUSA BAND AWARD – $100-Presented to a graduating senior band member exhibiting musical excellence and a strong commitment to the school band program. Nicholas Wolfe

CARL M. STEUBING VISUAL ARTS AWARD-$400-Offered to a graduating senior planning to pursue a career in the visual, graphic, or performing arts.  The recipient will have demonstrated the pursuit of excellence, diligence, and a love for developing talents in the visual, graphic, or performing arts.  Isabella Olori

NYSATA ART AWARD-$125-Awarded to two seniors who have shown commitment and dedication to the creation of visual artworks as demonstrated through extensive coursework, participation in art shows and overall support of our school arts community.  Ryan Bruce, Alexa Powers

NATIONAL SCHOOL ORCHESTRA AWARD-$100-Presented to a graduating senior orchestra member in recognition of outstanding dedication and superior musicianship.  Michael Burns

NATIONAL SCHOOL CHORAL AWARD-$100-Awarded to a senior who has shown both exemplary talent in singing and committed service to the school choral program.  Amy Fuller

2019 MAYFLOWER AWARDS-$100-Given to senior high school students who have exhibited a proficiency in the history of the United States and an understanding of the U.S. Constitution.  Molly Malone, Asia Winney

THE GLADYS GAETZ SAWYER ENGLISH SCHOLARSHIP-$250-To a graduating senior with high academic achievement who is interested in the study of English and related fields.  Mya Thompson

SPANISH EXCELLENCE AWARD-$100-Awarded to the senior in advanced Spanish with the highest cumulative average in the language.   Gabrielle Estes

GERMAN EXCELLENCE AWARD– $100-Awarded to the senior in advanced German with the highest cumulative average in the language.   Rianna Passino

FRENCH EXCELLENCE AWARD -$100-Awarded to the senior with the highest cumulative average in the language.  Aviana Hernandez

COLLEGE OF ST. ROSE AWARD -$100-To a senior exhibiting high achievement in an advanced foreign language class.  Presented by the Schenectady Chapter of the College of St. Rose Alumnae Association in memory of Mother Rose of Lima, C.S.J.   Stephen Erickson

THE SCOTIA-GLENVILLE MIDDLE SCHOOL PTA SCHOLARSHIP-$400-Awarded to seniors who attended Scotia-Glenville Middle School, demonstrated academic excellence, good citizenship, and intend to pursue a post-secondary education.  Breeze de Jong, Emily McCarthy, Myles Piotrowski

THE MR. “K” TEACHER EDUCATION AWARD-$500-To a senior who graduated from Sacandaga Elementary School and intends to pursue a teaching degree in any subject area or grade level, including the arts, music, or physical education.  Gianna Cafarelli

THE CRAIG B. HITCHCOCK MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP-$100-To a graduating senior who has demonstrated high academic achievement, strong character, outstanding leadership by involvement in the athletic program, school clubs and activities, and by dedication to school and community through service projects.  Paul Burns

RYAN M. SALAMONE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP-$500-To a student who has demonstrated an aptitude for technology and/or aesthetic design, has a contagious sense of humor and a passion for cars, art or photography.  Samuel Whitehead

THOMAS F. EVERS MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP PRESENTED BY THE SCOTIA-GLENVILLE LITTLE LEAGUE– $500-To a member of the graduating class who has demonstrated good character, courage, and loyalty in interscholastic sports while maintaining satisfactory academic achievement.  Daniel Bloomer

THE CRAIG HITCHCOCK AWARD -$150-To a graduating senior who has maintained a record of high academic achievement, contributed significantly to interscholastic athletics; and by good sportsmanship, a positive attitude, and exemplary citizenship, provides leadership for all.  By the Scotia-Glenville Booster Club.  Gabriel Winters-Bona

THE SCOTIA-GLENVILLE BASKETBALL PLAYERS’ CLUB SCHOLAR ATHLETE AWARD-$200-By the Scotia-Glenville Basketball Club to graduating seniors who have participated in varsity sports, maintained satisfactory academic achievement, and have been involved in club level athletics.  Alexander Gish, Asia Winney

THE SCOTIA-GLENVILLE GIRLS’ SOFTBALL SCHOLARSHIP AWARD-$250-To graduating seniors who have played softball in the S-G league at Beukendaal.  The recipients must have demonstrated scholastic ability, be of good character, be outgoing and friendly, and have been involved in civic and community projects.  Kelly Mayette, Sophia Schaub

THE MARK GATTA SCHOLARSHIP-$150-Presented to a deserving student pursuing a college degree in education. Lucas Kownack

THE BOB HOOD MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP-$100-To members of the graduating class who have demonstrated good citizenship, satisfactory achievement, and a record of participation in interscholastic athletics, by family and friends.  Kelly Mayette, Ryan Rockwell

THE SCOTIA-GLENVILLE HIGH SCHOOL SPIRIT AWARD-$50-By the Scotia-Glenville Adult Booster Club to seniors who have, by their participation in athletics, contributed to the success of their respective teams and who, by positive attitude and active support of teammates and coaches, have consistently worked toward athletic self-improvement. Cristiana Bianchi, Kelly Mayette, Brianna McGlauflin, Keith Ogden, Thomas Omicinski, Sage Plemenik, Ryan Rockwell, Catherine Rumfelt, John Toftegaard, Kaitlyn Wilson, Gabriel Winters-Bona

THE JOSEPH F. KETCHUM AWARDS-$100-To graduating seniors who have worked for and with the Scotia-Glenville Interscholastic Booster Club.  Asia Winney, Thomas Omicinski

THE J. WILLIAM SAWYER MEMORIAL CHEMISTRY SCHOLARSHIP-$250-To a graduating senior of fine character who has been an outstanding student in chemistry and who is interested in pursuing the study of chemistry and related fields.  Corrine Conley

THE JOHN L. CONDE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP AWARD-$975-To a senior in recognition of scholarship, leadership, and service to the community who has made a commitment to a career in agriculture, home economics, or a related field, by the Glenville Grange No. 1531.  Molly Malone

THE DONALD TOMLINSON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP -$200-To a member of the graduating class who has excelled in technology and who will be attending a post-secondary educational institution.  By Frank and Sons Body Works, Inc.  Nicholas Pino

THE CHARLES LEONOWICZ MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP-$250-To a graduating senior who demonstrates good academic standing, good citizenship in school, and who will be pursuing the field of education.  In memory of Charles Leonowicz, Class of 1976.   Micah Schultz

THE JOSEPH A. GATTA MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP-$100-Open to a graduating senior who has demonstrated good citizenship; shows dedication to family, school and to the community, and has shown satisfactory scholastic achievement.  Natalie Bean

LUKE POLSINELLI MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP-$475-In honor or Luke Polsinelli.  The Cub Scout Pack 59 would like to memorialize Luke and know that the scouts are a family.  Daniel Blooomer

THE GARY CHRISTOPHER SMITH MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP-$250-To a senior who graduated from Glendaal Elementary School.  The student should have good scholastic achievement and been very involved in athletics and student affairs.  The recipient should be a person who is respectful of others, is a team player, and is one who has a good sense of humor and a balanced perspective on life.  Paul Burns

MOHAWK POST 1450 AMERICAN LEGION AMERICAN STUDIES SCHOLARSHIP-$1,000-Given to a family member of the Mohawk Post 1450 American Legion who has demonstrated academic achievement and community service. Cristiana Bianchi

THE MARCIA E. VINICK SCHOLARSHIP– $250-Given to a student interested in pursuing a career in Business.  Brendan Caldwell

THE SUSAN BETH EIDENS-DOEBLER SCHOLARSHIP -$1,000-To a senior who has demonstrated sound scholastic aptitude and achievement; the qualities of integrity and outstanding citizenship; is a giver, rather than a taker; has an open mind and works well with others and has a zest for living.   The recipient must be planning to devote his/her career to the field of medical sciences.  John Toftegaard

Announcement of 2019-2020 Student Senate Election Results

Award Announcements

ALBANY CITY LODGE #540 – Knights of Pythias Achievement Award – Given to a senior who has made the greatest progress in extra-curricular activities and/or community endeavors.  Is awarded to:

  • Kaitlyn Murtagh     

Please pick up your certificate in the main office

HUDSON VALLEY COMMUNITY COLLEGE BOOK AWARD:  In recognition of hard work and individuality, Hudson Valley Community College’s Admissions Office is proud to honor this recipient with $250 towards the purchase of books and school supplies.  Is awarded to:

  • Ryan Bradt Blond         

Please pick up your certificate in the main office

YMCA OUTSTANDING STUDENT AWARD for exhibiting qualities of leadership, citizenship and volunteerism in the community the following students were nominees for this award this year:

  • Kali Carlisle                  
  • Lillian Cremo      
  • Amy Fuller
  • Abigail Marola    
  • Keith Ogden                  
  • Braeden Ossenfort
  • Lauren Sill           
  • Gabriel Winters-Bona


  • Gabrielle Estes                                           
  • Haley Francois                       
  • Alexandra Jerreld                                              
  • Thomas Omicinski
  • John Toftegaard



  • Gwenyth Currie


  • Logan Adams   

U.S. Air Force Math/Science Award awarded to a student who has excelled in Math &Science.  This award is awarded to:

  • Keith M. Ogden

ATTORNEY GENERAL’S TRIPLE C AWARD– recognizes students for courage, commitment and character. This award is awarded to:

  • Aviana Hernandez                  
  • Sophia Moya 

Please pick up your certificate in the main office.


We are proud to award perfect attendance for the 2018-2019 school year to the following senior:

  • Brianna McGlauflin                         
  • Gabrielle Estes

Please pick up your certificate in the main office.

PRESIDENTIAL ACADEMIC AWARDS  -The purpose of this award is to recognize academic achievement, high motivation, initiative, and integrity in the classroom.

Silver Certificate– Students must have Cumulative GPA of 90% or above

  • Julian Aldi                    
  • Abigail Bacon              
  • Natalie Bean
  • Cristiana Bianchi          
  • Ryan Bruce                            
  • Liam Burke
  • Brendan Caldwell          
  • Andrea Cianfarani                  
  • Erica Conley
  • Victoria Darling            
  • Olivia DeAngelo            
  • Emily Hale
  • Scarlet Hudman            
  • Dominic Jack                
  • Sara King
  • Eric Lin                         
  • Molly Malone               
  • Kelly Mayette
  • Emily McCarthy           
  • Jacob McKenzie            
  • Ciara Molumby
  • Ashlyn O’Neil              
  • Braeden Ossenfort                  
  • Marcus Paone
  • Jacob Rousseau            
  • Catherine Rumfelt                   
  • Mikayla Schoonmaker
  • Kaitlyn Wilson             
  • Asia Winney     

Certificates will be distributed in homeroom.

Gold Certificate – Students must have Cumulative GPA of 90% or above and exhibit high achievement in college admissions examinations (SAT/ACT)

  • Elizabeth Bryson          
  • Corrine Conley             
  • Gwenyth  Currie
  • Breeze deJong        
  • Nhu Quynh Ngoc Duong     
  • Gabrielle Estes
  • Haley Francois              
  • Amy Fuller                   
  • Katherine Gallagher
  • Alexandra Jerreld         
  • Tatiana Leggiero           
  • Kyle Maloy
  • Brianna McGlauflin      
  • Lauren Mehigan            
  • Keith Ogden
  • Thomas Omicinski                  
  • Nathan Phillips             
  • Myles Piotrowski
  • Sophia Schaub              
  • Micah Schultz               
  • Lauren Sill
  • Robert Titus                           
  • John Toftegaard            
  • Samuel Whitehead
  • Gabriel Winters-Bona   

Certificates will be distributed in homeroom.