About Sacandaga

Sacandaga Elementary School is situated in the village of Scotia sharing the campus with the middle school, high school and district offices. The original part of the building was dedicated in 1930, prior to the centralization of the Scotia-Glenville School District that took place in 1950. Additions and renovations were made to the building in 1954 and 1965.

As part of the 1999 district building project, four additional classrooms were added, the library was relocated and various parts of the building were renovated to provide additional areas to conduct support programs and services.

In addition, our building playground committee recently completed its two-year project, which allowed us to enhance our current facility by adding new modular equipment. This project was completed through the generosity and support of our school community and families.

Sacandaga Elementary School is a kindergarten through fifth grade building located at 300 Wren Street. The current enrollment is about 380 students. The staff consists of 38 full-time and 17 part-time staff members.

Sacandaga Elementary School was awarded the National Excellence in Education award in 1985-1986 and the National Blue Ribbon School Award in 1993-1994.

The vision of our school is to be a child-centered school committed to meeting the diverse needs of our students in a caring and nurturing environment. It is our goal to foster the development of self-esteem, personal pride, and a strong desire for life-long learning as students progress through our system. We strive for excellence in academic, moral and social behaviors through a curriculum designed for students living in the twenty-first century.