Middle School Homework Policies and Procedures

Purpose of Homework

Homework is designed to be a meaningful experience that prepares students for lessons, practices and reinforces concepts taught in class, and prepares students for real world activities.

Important Middle School telephone numbers

MAIN OFFICE: (518) 347-3600 ext. 51101
GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT: (518) 347-3600, ext. 53100 


Teacher Responsibilities

Teachers will:

  • Coordinate assignments to eliminate too many assignments at a time.
  • Set up weekly assignment and assessment calendars to facilitate coordination.
    Copies will be given to the Guidance Department.
  • Assign appropriate time for each assignment depending on its complexity and length while considering the availability to all students of special resources needed (i.e. computers).
  • Schedule long term assignments given by the team throughout the school year to eliminate overburdening student schedules. Each long term assignment will be given in writing with intermediate due dates to train the student in long term
    (Teachers not on a team will list long term assignments on a calendar in the library media center to coordinate information among the entire faculty.)
  • List assignments in the classroom in a standard location and give them orally for students to put in their assignment notebook giving an approximate time needed for completion.
  • Provide time for homework help (before or after school, in study time or during activity/team periods).
  • Provide assignments for students who are absent from class.
  • Provide timely feedback for assignments.
  • Distribute a written homework guideline to every student at the beginning of each course.

Student Responsibilities

Students will:

  • List all assignments in their school-designed assignment notebook.
  • Do all assignments on time to the best of their ability.
  • Maintain the assignment notebook as directed to maximize its effectiveness in assisting with homework completion and student organization.
  • Organize papers in the assignment notebook on a regular basis.
  • Examine daily schedules with parental help and set aside time to do homework.
  • Seek help when needed by making arrangements to work with teachers.
  • If a student misses one or two days of school due to absence, he or she has two school days to submit work for credit upon their return to school.  If a student misses three to five days of school due to absence, he or she has five school days to submit work for credit upon their return to school.  If a student has missed more than five days of school due to absence, it will be up to administrative discretion to grant additional time to complete missed work.
  • Adhere to the rules against plagiarism as stated in the Middle School Code Of Conduct.

Parent Responsibilities

Parents will:

  • Work with their students to examine family schedules to allow time for homework.
  • Provide an appropriate homework setting that motivates students to complete all assignments.
  • Monitor the students assignment notebook and look at the completed assignments.
  • Contact the teacher directly or encourage the student to seek help when students show that they are having difficulty with their assignments or when extenuating circumstances prevent a student from completing assignments. The Guidance Department may also be contacted.
  • Contact the Guidance Department, if needed, for resources to help their child with homework.
  • Contact the Guidance Department for a list of assignments if a student is absent for more than a day.

Administrator Responsibilities

Administrators will:

  • Assist teachers, students and parents in following the Middle School Homework Practices.
  • Review and monitor all teachers’ homework guidelines and make appropriate recommendations to teachers.
  • Make school-designed assignment notebooks available for purchase at the start of each school year.
  • Ensure that copies of all individual teacher’s homework guidelines are on file in either the guidance department or the main office.