How Sweet it Is to Raise Money for RMHC

cardinal mascot, student dumping sprinkles on her principal sitting on stage
Principal Eagan getting doused with ice cream sundae toppings

Glendaal students went above and beyond with their fundraising efforts for the Read for Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Capital Region (RMHC-CR).

students stand by stage holding certificates while other students are seated in front of them
26 students recognized for the Read for Ronald McDonald House Charities Program

And you know what that means, right? Participating students got to dump the fixings for a sundae all over Principal Eagan as he sat on stage in front of an amused student body.

Principal Eagan made a deal with the students, if they could raise $2,000 for RMHC-CR, they could turn him into a human sundae. So, they raised $2853.43 and Principal Eagan made good on his promise. The 26 students who spent a month reading for this great cause, got to douse their principal with ingredients like caramel, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and sprinkles.

two women standing behind principal with sauces dumped all over him
Nancy Damato, Read for Ronald McDonald House Charities Program Coordinator; Literacy Specialist, Serena Barclay; and Principal Thomas Eagan

The Read for Ronald McDonald House Charities Program Coordinator, Nancy Damato, came to recognize this tremendous effort and thanked the students and Glendaal Elementary for supporting families of children with illnesses who are receiving treatment at area hospitals.

The following students raised money for RMHC-CR:

  • Kaia Anderson
  • Carly Beers
  • Joseph Budka
  • Lucas Dixon
  • Andrew Duszak
  • Donna Duszak
  • Eli Fagel
  • Alexis Flickinger
  • Kyle Houghton
  • Mason Houghton
  • Nell Judd
  • Leah Klejsmyt
  • Avery Kucskar
  • Noah LeClair
  • Nora Loiacono
  • Otto Loiacono
  • Anthony Mazzone
  • Penny Newfrock
  • Jessie Pirigyi
  • Ruby Puels
  • Olivia Remillard
  • Harper Schrader
  • Leirah Sollecito
  • Alex Viall
  • Ashlyn Wanmer
  • Lydia Zurakowski