How Dr. King inspired them

MLK Creative Expression Contest

SGHS students were recently given an opportunity to explore their creative side by participating in a passion project that was inspired by the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This contest was initiated by SG Basketball Coach Lou Powell who said, “Silence to injustice endorses more injustice, we need to as a school and society treat people the way we would like to be treated.”

The concept was for students to create a piece of art or literature about how they have been inspired by Dr. King. The guidelines were left open-ended, allowing them to express themselves in any way that moved them. A total of 35 entries were submitted, and the panel of judges, consisting of Marissa Gordon, Academic Department Head for English and Social Studies, Hall Monitor and Coach Lou Powell, and artist Joleen Rockhill, had a tough time selecting the winners. 

Ashlyn Fisher, 1st place winner in MLK Expression Contest

After much deliberation, the first place award went to Ashlyn Fisher for her outstanding portrait and essay titled “Martin Luther King Jr.” The judges were particularly impressed by how the artwork and essay complemented each other, creating a synergistic message that was powerful and inspiring. The painting was well-composed and thoughtful, with a clear focal point that drew the viewer’s attention. The essay perfectly described King’s role as a leader and activist against social injustices, highlighting his methods of nonviolence to combat violence against people of color in America. The portrait’s pose was exceptional, replicated from a photograph taken after King was released from jail on trespassing charges during a nonviolent sit-in. Fisher’s submission stood out among all other entries.

Mackenzie Dortch finished in second place for her abstract portrait titled “Shades,” and Noelle Acosta finished in third place with her moving poem titled “He Had a Dream.”

The winners received cash prizes donated by Scotia-Glenville staff members, which provided them with a well-deserved reward for their remarkable work. 

Noelle Acosta, 3rd place winner in MLK Expression Contest
Mackenzie Dortch, 2nd place winner in MLK Expression Contest