Glendaal checking off acts of kindness

This week’s Great Kindness Challenge is a global initiative that involves more than 20 million students in 115 countries. Glendaal Elementary, who has been killing it with kindness this year, confidently stepped into the arena.

kids gathered around chalkboard filled with messages in colored chalk
The Great Wall of Kindness

students sitting on gym floor for an assembly with their principal, teacher and mascot, Fireball.The Cardinals kicked off the week-long event eager to show the world thoughtful acts of compassion. Students have already started checking off their lists for acts of kindness and will also be spending the week sending kind cards to their buddies in their buddy classes, writing kind acts of others on The Great Wall of Kindness, decorating classroom windows with kind messages, and participating in a kindness themed spirit week.

Monday: Kind Cardinals
Tuesday: Hats off to Kindness
Wednesday: Peace Love and Kindness
Thursday: Team Kindness
Friday: Dreaming of Kindness

man speaks to students sitting on the floor of their gym
Mike Saccocio, Executive Director of the Schenectady City Mission

In addition, the student council is running the unified global service project – Kind Coin Drive. Donations collected will provide clothing, food, and tuition to students at a school in Kenya.

This morning’s assembly featured Fireball, and a special guest speaker with a powerful message. Schenectady City Mission Executive Director, Mike Saccocio compared being kind to dominos, how one act leads to the next and so on. Mr. Saccocio included inspiring examples of paying it forward. For instance, how some individuals who received support from the City Mission are now providing help to others in need of support.