Gestures of support for Veterans

Veterans Day “Wall of Honor”

Glendaal Elementary students recently took a heartwarming initiative to honor family members and close friends who have served our country. In collaboration with fourth-grade teacher Tana Case, the students created a “Wall of Honor” for Veterans. 

The project involved students from grades K-5, who shared a picture, military branch, and years of service for the Veterans being honored. The display is a touching opportunity for Glendaal staff and students to show their appreciation for the brave men and women, both past and present, in our community. The efforts did not go in vain as several generations of Veterans are recognized. 

Operation Gratitude

To add to this inspiring initiative, students also made thank you cards for current service members as part of a program to include a letter or card with each care package sent overseas through “Operation Gratitude”. 

“It is encouraging to see young students recognize our hometown heroes for their contributions to national security and the preservation of freedom,” said Superintendent Swartz. “Glendaal’s Wall of Honor and the thank you cards are a testament to the compassion and respect that we have for those who serve our country.”

photo courtesy of Tana Case, Glendaal 4th grade teacher