Different poetic forms and techniques at the middle school poetry expo 

student sits behind a table with her poetry in different colorful forms

Learning about poetry ignited boundless creativity

Under the guidance of Mrs. Adkins and her dedicated TA, Ms. Myers, students delved into the art of crafting creative verses. They learned about different types of poems, from the concise elegance of Haiku to the contrasting brilliance of Diamante. Mrs. Tunison also joined in, lending her expertise in creating Spine Poems, where books were arranged to form poetic lines on their spines.

The students wrote Haikus, capturing the essence of nature and emotions in just three lines. They crafted Diamante poems, skillfully contrasting two opposing ideas in diamond-shaped verses. Free Verse allowed them to break free from the constraints of rhyme and rhythm, giving their words a unique flow. And it didn’t stop there. The students explored the visual aspect of poetry with Concrete poems. They shaped their verses to mirror the very essence of their subjects, creating a visual feast for the eyes. Acrostic poems challenged their creativity as they carefully selected words that spelled out a meaningful message when read vertically. They also arranged magnetic words, creating whimsical and thought-provoking verses on the classroom board. The students marveled at how the simple act of rearranging words could evoke such powerful emotions.

Principal leans in to speak with student behind desk filled with the poems he created

As the Poetry Expo approached, the students prepared to showcase their poetic masterpieces. They set up their own tables in the library, adorned with their carefully crafted poems. Invitations were sent to the school staff, inviting them to witness the creativity and talent of these budding poets.

On the day of the expo, the library was abuzz with anticipation. Teachers, administrators, and staff members gathered around the students’ tables, eager to be enchanted by their words. The guests were impressed not only by the students’ poetic skills but also by their ability to express themselves through different forms and techniques.

“The Poetry Expo left a lasting impression on everyone who attended,” said Superintendent Swartz. “The students had not only discovered the beauty of poetry but also found their own voices within its rhythmic lines. Mrs. Adkins, Miss Myers, and Mrs. Tunison did a wonderful job nurturing these young poets, instilling in them a love for words and the power of self-expression,” she said.

teachers reading poetry and speaking with student who created them