Congratulations to these students who are showing their artwork at the Media Arts Festival on April 13!

flyer for media festival
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Congratulations to the following artists who have work in the virtual Media Arts Show at Niskayuna:

  • Dylan Bruce, grade 10
  • Owen Burke, grade 11
  • Jada Lee DuBerry, grade 10
  • Emily LaPan, grade 10
  • Pierson Long, grade 11
  • Ellie Mott, grade 12
  • Anna Muscatiello, grade 11
  • Morgan Nichter, grade 12
  • Kaylee O’Malley, grade 10
  • Emma Ostrander, grade 10
  • Emily Tricozzi, grade 10
  • Joseph Velasco, grade 12

This year, the Media Arts Festival will be livestreamed to schools region-wide on Wednesday April 13 at 10:00 a.m. Seventeen participating schools submitted film, photography, animation, computer art and graphic design work. The livestreamed festival will include a keynote interview and announcement of awards for each category as determined by our jurors. The work was adjudicated by art professionals including a photographer, filmmaker, illustrator and graphic designer.

Families are invited to join us for this special presentation at 10:00am on April 13 through this link:  ​​

A website featuring all of the wonderful work submitted for the festival will be shared with districts on April 13 after the livestream.

Congratulations to Award winners, Pierson Long, grade 11, and Emily Tricozzi, grade 10.

Here is their artwork:

student work for festival

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