Minutes – August 4, 2020

Communications Meeting Notes 8/4/20

Notes 8/4/20

1. Welcome and Introduction – Susan

2. Group Roles
a. Facilitator – Susan and Megan
b. Note Taker – Megan

3. Parking Lot Concept

4. Norms and Slide Deck – Megan

5. How do we presently communicate – Bob Hanlon
– Mr. Hanlon oversees dissemination of information through Blackboard Connect, emails, phone calls, newsletters
– Contacts come from PowerSchool
– Some families did not have an email or accurate email in PowerSchool, therefore creating a gap in information flow
– Discussion about the use of Facebook
– We have not utilized print media yet but could use the Gazette
– Mass notification and website are largely how we communicate with the

6. Two additional communication tools – Liz Fawcett
– Mrs. Fawcett is our library media specialist and has been working on two different outlets for communicating: parent-facing home learning website and staff “intranet”
– Google Site created that is developing behind the scenes
– Mrs. Fawcett showed a site she built that was used for the Spring 2020 home
learning period…used for the purpose of parent home learning support page
– Mrs. Fawcett also showed a draft of a Google Site “intranet” to communicate with SG staff
– Would contain important information/staff resources

7. First Assignment – Susan to Group
– Letter to families: “help us help keep our staff and students safe”
– Suggested language to inspire parents/families to use the Daily Health Screener
– Susan will take feedback from the committee and incorporate this information into
the letter to families

Communications Meeting Notes 8/4/20
– Megan will send a form out to the committee (anticipate sending to committee members by Friday)

8. Questions / Comments / Housekeeping Items
– Susan
– Will send an agenda to the team prior to the next meeting so folks can think on these topics in advance
– Parent survey will be released on Friday
– Discussion and requests:
– List of committees and what those groups will be tackling
– Communication committee will be charged with reviewing communication with all
stakeholders including for clarity, completeness, and differing perspectives
– From the parent communication stance:
– How much is too much?
– Parents expressed they would prefer to receive communication
with a link in a text as a “one stop shop”
– Some expressed they did not know they could change their
Blackboard Connect notification settings
– “Could Facebook be utilized and turn off the comments?”
– “Could PTA or principals be utilized to support communication?”
– “Sometimes links at the top of the district website or within the website are difficult to find or access – can we make that information front and

9. Next Meeting – Tuesday, August 11 @ 5:30 p.m.

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