August 27, 2020 minutes

Academic Instruction Committee

August 27, 2020 6-7pm

Our Agenda
I. Social Emotional Learning sub group report out

II. Engagement and Instructional Delivery sub group report out

III. Work products and deadlines

Social Emotional Learning Report Out:

A. August 26 was their last meeting. The focus of the meeting took one last critical look at The Playbook.

B. Resources were added to the following categories:Social Awareness, Self-Management and Activities for Trauma Informed Classrooms.

C. Danielle Fergusen discussed resources and activities from a mental health conference that she attended in August.

D. Danielle created a folder of information with links that support SEL which can be found in google folder: SEL K-12 Repository

E. Danielle shared that Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg’s presentation on “The Power of Resilience-Based, Trauma-Sensitive, Strength Focused Communication in Working with Youth,” was engaging, informative and inspiring, and shared links to his
presentations thinking they might be helpful for all teachers to watch.

F. Danielle also mentioned the following resources may be helpful as we engage in SEL:


H. Kenn will review and add links to SEL Playbook where appropriate

I. The Playbook is finished, however, resources will be added throughout the year.

Additional information:
A. The committee is very mindful of the connections needed with the fully virtual students and the hybrid students to their teachers and peers while working from home. Adults who could make those valuable connections to our virtual learners and hybrid learners are (but not limited to) teachers, therapists, counselors, principals.

B. Michael Arterberry is offering a 10 week workshop on Wednesday mornings! It is the Power of Peace. It will be provided virtually to all students and teachers who can attend.

C. Teachers at the K-12 level will have time to build relationships with ALL their students whether these students are in-school learners, hybrid learners,or virtual learners. The first 2 weeks of school will revolve around building classroom culture. The Playbook offers many wonderful, thoughtful examples, articles, activities to build a caring community.

D. Thank you to all the wonderful, creative, talented and flexible thinkers who created The Playbook. The Playbook is a thoughtful document that has wonderful material for staff at the K-12 level.

Engagement and Instructional Delivery:
A. Karen and Jan reformatted the Tools for Engagement Document

a. Screencasity is now included into the document.

b. Middle School and High School tools were merged into one sheet

c. This document will be a time saver for teachers at the K-12 level.

B. Opportunities for Training with the different tools

a. Breakout sessions will be offered at the 6-12 level. Teachers can sign up
for classes that are of interest. There are also pre-recorded videos that
will be posted on the Social Glenville technology page.

b. We would love internal staff who are familiar with these different tools and feel comfortable to offer their expertise to train our teachers.

C. Engagement/Instructional Best Practice Document

a. Added to the document were comments and links. The sub-group created
a document that contained consistent language about grading and

b. This document added elementary feedback, math resources and high
quality videos.

c. Sample of Virtual Day Document: K-12

i. K-2 schedule: included times for morning meeting, teacher lead
transitions, content,student lead activities, and wrap up or closure.

ii. 3-5 schedule: the schedule is similar to the K-2 schedule,
however, it allows for a longer work time as these children can
attend for longer periods of time.

iii. 6-12 schedule: Their schedule is more structured. There is a
specific language for content delivery. This document has 5
examples or samples of what the student might see during their
work day. (Students lead activities and Teacher lead activities.)
iv. Students are responsible for their learning and attend and engage
during the virtual learning. They will be asked to work
independently but stay with the group and work quietly.
v. It is important to keep our students actively engaged in their
learning. It is also important to have a closing meeting with

D. Last Thoughts:
a. We should be proud of the work that was created by this committee.
These are our best thoughts during this very moment. We thought about
our students and what is best for them as learners. Our love for our
students and the importance of building relationships was evident with
each conversation. Thank you for your hard work and the meetings you

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