Information about the most recent graduating class

Graduation Information

Making plans for a student’s life after high school are among the most difficult decisions faced by the students and their families. Here is graduation information about the Class of 2019 and the students’ post-graduation plans.

Diplomas presented to member of the Class of 2021: 192 diplomas presented

  • Local Diplomas: 1 student
  • Regents Diplomas: 68 students (meaning they passed one Regents exam in English, mathematics, science, global history, US history and a language other than English)
  • Advanced Regents Diplomas: 39 students (meaning they passed the above exams as well as two additional exams in math and science)
  • Advanced Regents/Honors Diplomas: 52 students (meaning they achieved an average score of 90 or higher on all required Regents exams, includes students who graduated with a mastery in science or math)
  • Career and Technical Education (CTE) designations: 14 students (meaning they successfully completed a CTE program at BOCES)
  • Skills and Achievement Commencement (SACC): 4 students
  • CDOS (Career Development and Occupational Studies Commencement Credential): 14 students

Class of 2021 post-graduation plans

Here are the post-graduate plans for the 192 members of the Class of 2021:

  • Adult services: 1 student
  • Armed services: 2 students
  • Employment: 47 students
  • Vocational training: 0 students
  • Other: 3 students
  • Unknown: 17 students
  • Post Secondary Education: 122 students

Class of 2021 college plans

122 of the 192 graduates (63.5%) planned to pursue further education beyond high school:

  • Four-year colleges: 88 (72.1% of the 122 graduates going to college)
  • Two-year colleges: 34 (27.9% of the 122 graduates going to college)

The vast majority – 84.4% (103 students of the 120 graduates attending college) – planned to attend a college in New York; the remaining 15.6% or 19 students attended colleges in other states.

AP and UHS college credit

Hundreds of Scotia-Glenville students receive college credit in high school every year through the Advanced Placement (AP) and University in the High School (UHS) programs.