50-Plus Club information

Scotia-Glenville High School’s 50-Plus Committee

Graduates of Scotia-Glenville High School (and the former Scotia High School) have a unique program in the 50 Plus Committee. 
This committee plans reunions every June for the 50th reunion class and older classes that is typically held on the first Thursday of June at the Glen Sanders Mansion, Glen Avenue, Scotia.

S-G High School graduates who have reached their 50th year, or more, since graduation are invited to attend the annual event.

The tradition for the luncheon is that the incoming class from the previous year has the task of running event for the current year. The luncheon is typically held in the first week of June.

A bit of history about the 50 Plus Club

It appears that the “50 Plus Club,” as we have known it the past several years, began as “The Scotia Alumni Association” with Kenneth M. Lindsay, class of 1924, as president; Kenneth E. Buhrmaster, class of 1933, as vice president; Ralph C. Klapper, class of 1932, as secretary; and Chester S. Darrow, class of 1932, as treasurer.

Earliest available records indicate a “Scotia Alumni Association Reunion” was held in 1939. Other available records detail a “Scotia High School Alumni Dinner (The 50 Year Plus)” was held June 8, 1977 and June 7, 1978 at the Walhalla Country Club. Next available records show that from 1985 through 1988, “50 Year Plus Club reunions” were held at the Edison Club.

Since 1989 the 50 Plus Club has held an annual reunion at the Glen Sanders Mansion with the class reaching its fiftieth year since graduation being honored by the past classes. June 6, 2019 was the last of the luncheons at the Glen Sanders Mansion.

Due to COVID no luncheons were held in 2020 or 2021.

In 2022, the luncheon was revived and held at the Guan Ho HA Fish and Game Club on June 1.

In 2023, the luncheon was held on June 1, at the Rivers Casino Event Center.