Can students wear athletic gear to school?

COMMENT: Can we wear our girls tennis uniforms to school? RESPONSE: We’d ask you to check with your coach, who may or may not want you to wear a uniform to school. On a regular school day, the school district is OK with students wearing the tops of, say, their tennis uniforms. However, for example, …

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Where can I buy Tartan Wear?

COMMENT: Is there anyway to obtain school merchandise? Mainly clothing branded with “Scotia-Glenville” or “Tartans”. RESPONSE: Yes, the Middle School Student Council is currently selling Tartan Wear at this link – As well, the High School PTSA sells Tartan Wear. You can check that out here –

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Mentoring Appointments, 2019-20

Mentor Tier Stipend Mary Radom 3 $250 Chris Decarlo 3 $250 Mary Radom 3 $250 Leanna Leffler 2 $500 Lee Ann Napolitano 2 $500 Anti Bruinsma 3 $250 John Connolly 3 $250 Diana Shanty 1 $1,000 Gina Brown 1-Splitting with R.Gatta $500 Reagan Gatta 1-Splittling with G. Brown $500 Brenda Tessier 1 $1,000 Megan Gilligan 1 …

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Board of Education goals, 2019-20

Board of Education Goals 2019 – 2020 1.      The Board of Education, in conjunction with the administrative team, will explore alternative learning services for all students in the areas of career and technical education, alternative programs, distance learning, and student support services . 2.      The Board of Education, in conjunction with the superintendent and information …

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Scotia-Glenville students return to school after a restful summer break

Nearly 2,500 Scotia-Glenville students returned to school today, ready to tackle a challenging 2019-20 school year. Whether they walked, got dropped off or took the bus, students seemed ready for the challenges of the new year. Here are a few pictures from opening day at each school: Glendaal Check out more photos from Glendaal on …

When is the open house?

COMMENT: When is open house? RESPONSE: Not sure which “open house” you are referring to. The grade 9 and grade 6 orientations were held last week. The only other “open houses,” so to speak, would be for incoming kindergarten students. Not all schools offer kindergarten students a chance to drop in: Glendaal: Students can stop …

Leftover lunch account money

COMMENT: My daughter had money left over in her lunch account after graduating. How can I get a refund or have it transferred to my son’s account? RESPONSE: Please contact Jane Taber at the high school at or at 518-347-3600 ext. 61101. She will be able to help you.

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