Why would you consider cutting back on kindergarten?

COMMENT: I just read over the school budget cut proposals from last night’s BOE meeting.  I cannot believe the school district is considering half day Kindergarten.  That is a big step in the wrong direction!  While none of the options were good ones, that to me is the worst.  There is so much more children have to learn at such a young age, and now the district wants to cut that learning time in half.  You would never consider doing a half day for any other grade level, Kindergarten should not be any different.  The district should be expanding educational services to the district’s youngest children, not cutting them as if they’re optional.

RESPONSE: The Board of Education members did not support the proposal to return to a half day kindergarten program. The superintendent is attempting to find ways to fill a $339,000 hole in the 2018-19 budget. Also last night, she presented other options that would come close to filling the gap. The board and administration are hopeful that additional state aid is forthcoming once the state budget is settled.