When is the ceiling at the Middle School going to be replaced?

COMMENT: When is the ceiling in the Middle School going to get put back in? It’s hasn’t been here ALL YEAR. The students have complained that it isn’t safe, and to be honest, it is not safe. The High School got a day off to put the floor/ windows (depending on the story you heard) back in and we haven’t had a ceiling. It’s stupid and not nice AT ALL. The middle school students deserve better.

Thanks for hearing my complaint!!

Please get back to the school AS SOON AS POSSIBLE by putting the roof back in. Thank You!

RESPONSE: The work will be completed this summer as the school district completes phase II of installing new rooftop units and re-connecting to the duct work.

The areas are inspected routinely by the custodian and maintenance staff and the safety specialist from BOCES to ensure there is no danger to students or staff.