Welcome to Scotia-Glenville’s new website design!

After more than a year of planning, the school district’s revamped website should has gone live! The new design is cleaner, more concise and accessible

The website, designed by the Capital Region BOCES, features much of the same website content as the former website. It is arranged differently and will likely take users a while to find material. Many items are now linked on the right panels of the About Us and District Services links at the top of the mainpage. The other links at the top of that page – Academics, Athletics, Board of Education, Budget and Taxes, Calendar and News – are self-explanatory.

On the school pages, there is also a lot of information under the “Parent Information” links on each school page.

Users are also encouraged to use the “search” function at the top of the pages. It is a powerful search engine that should be helpful. If you have problems finding information, email Robert Hanlon at rhanlon@sgcsd.net.

Please note: if you have “bookmarks” from the former website on your computer browser, those will not work on the new website because the pages have different addresses. Please be sure to update those in your browsers.

It is a web-based design, allowing for easier updates, and will also be compatible for viewing on cell phones, tablets and the “smaller screens” being used by many parents and community members today. A survey by the school district in the spring showed that 27 percent of users view the site on their cell phones or tablets.

In addition, the website complies with federal user accessibility standards, notably being accessible by community members who use screen readers. The site minimizes the use of PDFs, which are not accessible on the readers. Pages with PDFs include information about how a community member can receive that information in other ways by contacting the school district.

The site was redesigned by the Capital Region BOCES at no cost to district taxpayers. The redesign was factored into the annual contract that the school district signs for the BOCES Communications Service.