VIDEO: Congratulations to current seniors and juniors being inducted into the High School National Honor Society!

Check out the video below to watch as members of the senior and junior classes are being recognized for their induction into the HS National Honor Society. The seniors were inducted last year, without a ceremony, and the juniors are being inducted this year.

Information regarding the application process was available from January 12th through February 5th on the Morning Announcements over the PA during Homeroom (which are also posted on the HS web page under “Daily Announcements”).  This information was also scrolling on the 4 TV Monitors in the HS Lobbies/Cafeterias.  The principal emailed the entire Junior Class a message describing the application process on January 13th with a reminder/follow-up email on January 29th.

Specific criteria are outlined here –

Senior Class of 2021 NHS Members are:

  • Bianchi, Givanna
  • Bzdell, Alexander
  • Carpenter, Rebecca
  • Chaffin, Sadie
  • Crounse, Grace
  • Davison, Victoria
  • DiCarlo, Lia
  • Diggins, Marleigh
  • Ebert, Morgan
  • Eddy, Hailey
  • Elliot, Danae
  • Estes, Nathan
  • Gallagher, Sarah
  • Greski, Noah
  • Hamilton, James
  • Iannotti, Jordan
  • Kaye, Olivia
  • Krogh, Delaney
  • Lorey, Matthew
  • Ludouici, Shanna
  • McKone, Ryan
  • McQueen, Olivia
  • Murdock, Elaina
  • Nichter, Aidan
  • Perkins, Tyler
  • Rojas, Ivan
  • Rosenbaum, Brenna
  • Schaub, Emma
  • Toftegaard, Meghan
  • Tvelia, Charlotte
  • Warfield, Isabelle
  • Zebrowski, Alyeene
  • Zullo, Antonio

Junior Class of 2022 NHS Inductees are:

  • Adach, Justin
  • Beaton, Blair
  • Bellotti, Andrew
  • Carlisle, Ty
  • Colucciello, Brett
  • Cook, Madeleine
  • Crounse, Lucy
  • Drago, Brooklyn
  • Geniti, Olivia
  • Getter, Isabella
  • Heritage, Madison
  • Herron, Emma
  • Lotano, Alexa
  • Maynard, Skylar
  • Nichter, Morgan
  • O’Connor, Rylee
  • O’Malley, Skylar
  • Ogden, Jared
  • Quail, Evelyn
  • Rosenbaum, Jillian
  • Schnore, William
  • Schultz, Ella
  • Stark, Arrianna
  • Titus, Katherine
  • Vien, Carson
  • Wiegert, Piper

Here’s the video of this year’s ceremony –