Varsity athletes can pick up their plaques and have their photo taken

Here is the plan for varsity athletes pick up their plaques at the school and have their picture taken on the turf field.

Date: Wednesday, June 10

Time: 3-5

Where: Back Gym parking lot and Turf Field


  • Students drive up to the gym lobby, stay in their cars and receive their plaque.
  • Then drive to SAC parking lot, park or have their driver drop them and then the driver proceeds to Middle School Parking lot to pick up the athlete.
  • Wear a mask and stay 6 feet from any one person.
  • Walk to the turf field and enter the stairs in front of the grandstand. We will position a photographer there to take the athlete’s picture on the grandstand.
  • After the photo is taken, the athlete exits out the Middle School side of the field to their awaiting cars.

Photos will be sent to the athletes at a later date at no cost.