Unified Bowling offers opportunities for all students

Students bowling at a local alley
In the photo above, senior Marina Onderdonk-Milne tosses a bowling ball down the alley at Town & Country in Guilderland.

Scotia-Glenville High School has begun a new sport that is available to all students: Unified Bowling.

Much like the Unified Basketball team last spring, the bowling team includes a total of 19 students: regular education students and students with special needs.

Many times, it is difficult for a student with special needs to participate on a regular sports team. The Unified teams open up opportunities for all students to play a sport. The teams also compete against Unified teams from other school districts.

“Our team is made up of high school students with all kinds of different backgrounds and experiences,” said Jamian Rockhill, S-G athletic director. “Unified Bowling is a wonderful, unique program designed to include all students.”