Two Middle School students are recognized for Earth Day essays

Image of a globe announcing the essay contest

JUNE 1, 2017
Congratulations to Mackenzie Schraa, grade 7 and Tyler Ferguson, grade 8, have won Honorable Mention in the Earth Day essay contest sponsored by the Wilton Wilton Wildlife Preserve.

Each student had to write an essay not exceeding 500 words on the theme: Earth: A Planet for All Living Things.

They will be recognized this Sunday, June 4, at a ceremony at the Wilton Preserve.

Both are students in Sarah Adkins’s ELA class.

The contest was held to celebrate the 47th annual Earth Day, held on April 22.

Here are a few sentences from Mackenzie’s essay:

Earth Day reminds us about saving our Earth. Have you ever wondered how you can save the Earth? One person has the power to help protect our planet.

There are many things I can do to help take care of the Earth. I can recycle and pick up trash, use less natural resources, save animals, and provide information to others about climate change and ways to protect the Earth.

Recycling and cleaning up trash can help protect the Earth. This can be accomplished in many ways. I can make sure paper, plastic, and glass are put in recycling bins. I can use recycled materials, such as recycled paper. I can reuse items again, for example, using glass jars to store my pennies. I can volunteer to clean up parks and pick up any litter. My Girl Scout Troop volunteered at the Albany Pine Bush and helped clean up the area.

Here are a few sentences from Tyler’s essay, after he recounts that pollution is caused by cars, factories, making electricity and even cows:

After that, the solutions to these before they happen is that we could make a week that you cannot drive or use electricity the whole week.  If this actually happens the earth would probably be a lot more healthy and we wouldn’t have to worry about pollution.   We could also limit factory hours so the pollution could be less.  We would also limit the cow’s population so that could get rid of some pollution.

In conclusion, if we continue to pollute this earth, life on earth could die and could become uninhabitable.  Many things like cars and factories all the way to just cows.  It’s the big things and little things that make pollution all together.