Traveling outside of New York

COMMENT: Good afternoon.  I have a question about a child traveling.  I was wondering what a parent would have to do if they went on vacation with their child out of New York. What procedures do they need to follow and if they have to quarantine for 2 weeks after they return are they aloud to do virtual so they don’t fall behind on work?. Thank you.

RESPONSE: The guidelines for traveling outside of NY are posted on the website at this link – If you are traveling to a state contiguous with NY – Vermont, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut or Pennsylvania – you do not need to quarantine upon your return. Upon your return from another state, you could also get the child tested with a PCR test to confirm if they have COVID or not. If that test is negative, the child can return to school. If you choose to go the quarantine route, the availability of going virtual would depend on the child’s grade and other circumstances. We suggest that you contact your principal to ask the question.

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