Tossing pies for a good cause at the Middle School

Peconie licking cream off his face

Students and staff at the Middle School raised nearly $200 for Toys for Tots during its Holiday Breakfast today.

Plus, three students per grade and one staff member got to toss a cream pie at Assistant Principal Anthony Peconie – and as it turns out, in Principal Robert Cosmer’s face, thanks to grade 6 teacher Becky Ayers!

Students bought raffle tickets to determine who got to toss the pies.

Here are a few pictures from today:

Cosmer introducing the pie throwing
Mr. Cosmer seems to not know what’s about to happen!
Cosmer gets a pie in the face
Take that Mr. Cosmer!
Cosmer recovering from the pie toss
Trying to clean up the mess!
Student tossing a pie
Gearing up for the toss!
Peconie licking cream off his face
Assistant Principal Anthony Peconie tasting the cream pie that was tossed at him!