Thoughts about the school closure extension, retrieving items from schools

Dear Students and Families,

I am certain that you have many questions about what will happen now that Governor Cuomo has closed school for the rest of the academic year.  I want to assure you that we have been working on plans for what we could do about any number of things – retrieving your personal belongings, turning in textbooks and library books, returning borrowed Chromebooks, special class activities, awards ceremonies, moving-up days, graduation and other activities – as the closure continued to be extended.

While we have several ideas and plans, these were created hoping we would return before the end of this academic year.  Now that we have to face the reality that this isn’t going to happen, we will take the work we have begun and finalize it.  While some events will not happen, we will hope to create others that do capture (especially for our Seniors – the Class of 2020) some of these capstone events.  I have received several suggestions from students and parents, as well as staff, with ideas for consideration.

As we are able to finalize plans for newly emergent needs (such as retrieving your belongings) as well as capstone events, I will communicate that information via our website and school notification system.  In some instances we will use emails for specific schools or, potentially, snail-mail.  In every instance I will endeavor to be certain that our communication is clear and timely.

In closing, school is not over yet.  There is time and we are committed to connecting with our students and families to close out this year in a positive manner.

Stay well and know we are thinking of you.

Susan M. Swartz, Superintendent