These students will have their artwork on display at BOCES until May 24

Congratulations to the following 26 students who have work on display in the Capital Region BOCES annual Art Show.

The opening reception will be held on Tuesday, April 30th from 4:00-6:00 at 900 Watervliet-Shaker Road, Albany

The show runs through May 24.

High School

  • Alana Seifert

Middle School 

  • Abigail Chevalier
  • Melvin Corker
  • Sadie Krogh
  • Morgan Lorey
  • Maya Westbrook


  • Taegan Asoera
  • Molly Fitzgerald
  • Ava Hussey
  • Addison Quinn
  • Ruth Veeder


  • Nicholas Bevilacqua
  • Ireland Carlson
  • Meghan Dunfee
  • Emma Ericson
  • Sierra O’Malley


  • Aleesha Barry
  • Ella Frese
  • Lucas Gillikin
  • Kiera MacIntosh
  • Mikayla Goddin


  • Natalie Adair
  • Christian Cooper
  • Ella Keogh
  • Colby Monaco
  • Imani Porter

Here are a few pieces of the students’ artwork. Check them all out on Facebook.

Abigail Chevalier's artwork
Abigail Chevalier’s artwork
Morgan Lorey's artwork
Morgan Lorey’s artwork
Melvin Corker's artwork
Melvin Corker’s artwork
Christian Cooper's artwork
Christian Cooper’s artwork
Ella Keogh's artwork
Ella Keogh’s artwork