These six artists will be featured in the Festival of Young Artists 2019 at SPAC

Please congratulate the following students whose art works were selected and will be displayed at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center’s Festival of Young Artists 2019 on June 2.

  • Alexa Lotano – “Shot at Brant Lake”
  • Davinara Marcario – “Far From Home”
  • Jarrod Jeffes – “Ice Jam”
  • Mariel Calderon – “Everest”
  • Rachael Rosenberg – “Home Away From Home”
  • Ryan Bruce – ” A Walk Through the Yard”

Here is all of the student artwork on Facebook.

Rachel Rosenberg's artwork
Rachel Rosenberg’s artwork
Davinara Marcario's artwork
Davinara Marcario’s artwork
Alexa Lotano's artwork
Alexa Lotano’s artwork