Teachers, nurses and school district reach four-year contract

Pay raises in exchange for higher health care costs

The 247 members of the Scotia-Glenville Teachers’ Association (SGTA) have a new, four-year contract.

The new pact, approved by the SGTA on Sept. 7 and by the Board of Education on Sept. 11, calls for “cost of living” salary increases of 1 percent this school year and 1.5 percent in each of the 2018-19, 2019-20 and 2020-21 school years.

The contract covers 240 teachers and seven nurses.

These “cost of living” increases are in addition to state-mandated “step” increases, which provide higher salaries for each year a teacher completes. Step increases average 2.5 percent per year for teachers with fewer than 23 years of service.

Nurses’ salaries will rise by 3.4% this school year and 3.9% for the next three years. Nurses do not receive “step” increases.

Starting teacher pay will increase from $42,146 in 2017-18 to
$44,071 by the last year of the contract in 2020-21 (figures cited here and below are for a bachelor’s degree; members are paid extra for a master’s degree and additional education credits).

Top teacher pay or “top step,” after 23 years of experience, will increase from $89,089 this school year to $93,159 by 2020-21.

Teachers and nurses shall reduce their number of sick days from 14 to 12 and increase their personal days from 3 to 5.

All members will be required to have their paychecks direct
deposited into an area credit union or bank of their choice.

Effective July 1, co-pays for insurance will increase from the
current $15/$20 per doctor’s visit (depending on the member’s insurance plan) to $25 per visit. Other costs, such as urgent care, in-patient and out-patient care and visiting an emergency room, will also increase for members.

As of July 1, employees will be eligible for a higher deferred retirement incentive, essentially the employee’s unused sick time.

The amount will increase from the current $20 per day to $25
per day for any unused sick days.

The contract runs from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2021.

This is the first contract signed by the SGTA’s new president,
Sarah Hoffmann, a high school special education teacher who
was elected in June. She succeeded Eric DeCarlo, a high school
social studies teacher.