Tartans Teaching Tartans teaches literacy skills at Sacandaga

Athletes from the high school listen as students ask them questions

Some kindergartners were tossing cloth balls at specific letters on the wall. Others were fishing in a literary exhibition. Still others were creating literacy puzzles.

All of these activities were part of Tartans Teaching Tartans, a program spearheaded by Sacandaga and high school physical education teacher Candra Mulligan. She worked with Sacandaga physical education teacher Andrew Swayne yesterday and today to bring literacy to life for children in every grade.

Today,  kindergartners in Kim Lavery‘s class moved from station to station in the gymnasium as they explored many aspects of literacy, topped off by having a book read to them. They asked questions of the athletes afterward.

Swayne told the students that these athletes were on teams in their chosen sport and that being on a team meant working toward a common goal. If you fail, you figure out how to succeed next time. “That is what athletics is all about. You keep trying until you get it,” he said.

Mulligan said eight athletes from the high school came by both days to work with students in all grades on strengthening their literacy skills. The high school athletes who participated in the program were: Joseph Greene, Jacob McKenzie, Keith Ogden, Lillian Murphy, Lauren Zeglen, Juliana Geniti, Makenzie Correll and Kelly Mayette.

Students from each grade spent 40 minutes each class going through the activities. The challenges for students in grades 4 and 5 were more challenging than those explored by the kindergartners.

Here are a few photos from today’s activities.