2019-20 yearbooks

COMMENT: We are still waiting for  yearbooks. Are they getting  them  when they return  back on the 14th? RESPONSE: We are still awaiting word from the publisher about a delivery date for the 2019-20 yearbooks. When we receive them, we will let everyone know they are available and how they will be distributed.

High School parking lot in rough shape

COMMENT: Are there any plans to address the back parking lot of the high school?  There are so many potholes. And in the part that says “no parking between these signs” the signs are turned and there are (faint) parking spot lines between them.  During evening and weekend events there are always people parked in …

Is there a link to the GIVE program on this web site?

COMMENT: Is there a link to the GIVE program on this web site? RESPONSE: Yes, there is a page describing the GIVE serving learning program at the high school. It is under the Clubs and Activities link on the high school webpage. It is here – /senior-high-school/clubs-and-activities/#give There is also a separate page dedicated to …

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