Summer 2018 suggested reading from Scotia-Glenville’s librarians

With a more than two-month hiatus about to begin, students will eventually be “bored” with all of that extra time on their hands every day.

Scotia-Glenville’s librarians have an answer: do some reading this summer.

These reading lists were created by: Debbie Collins, Deb Byrne, Kari Moretti, Julie Tootell, Maureen Palleschi and Liz Fawcett.

Reading in the summer only enhances the love of literature. Many of our LMS’s are also offering summer borrowing opportunities to SG families to have access to books this summer that might not have the means to visit a public library.  Kids are taking books out over the summer before they leave for the school year.

Happy Reading!

SG Library Media Specialists Announce K-12 Summer Reading Suggestions


K-5 Printable Title