Students visit Siena College to strengthen computer science skills

Mathematics teacher Jamie Haver today took a team of students to the Siena College Impact computer science career program.

The students who participated in the college visit are: Joe Rumfelt, Aidan Chaffin, Katherine Frament, McKenzie Munro, Chris Mannolini-Adams, Alyssa McKenna, Sophia Pierce and Alexandra Wolfe.

The Siena Students IMPACT outreach and career exploration event is designed to encourage students to engage in further study and potential career paths in the field of computing. It meshes perfectly with our students who are currently engaging in the online AP computer science course.

During the day, each high school student attended four (25-minute) mini-lessons. The lessons on Python programming, software engineering, finite automata, and game design are designed to introduce students to coding/programming, computer science theory, and software development. The lessons are also designed so that students become aware of the ways that computer scientists think and work. This is developed further in the longer activity sessions. Every student participates in two longer (45-minute) activity sessions connected to two of the lessons they attended.

The program closed with a panel of college students. These computer science majors briefly describe opportunities they have had as computer science majors including programming competitions, internships, and research experiences.

For nine years, student and teacher participants in IMPACT have provided feedback indicating that the program has tremendous educational and career value for high school students.

Here are a few pictures from the event. Click on the photo to enlarge it.