Students recognized for their creativity in the PTA Reflections contest

Before an audience of at least 75 parents, grandparents and friends, 40 students from four SG schools received recognition for their creative efforts in this year’s National PTA Reflections Contest.

The event was held in the Sacandaga Elementary School gymnasium last night,Tuesday, Dec. 4.

The theme of the contest was “Heroes Around Me.” The district-wide winners were students who had competed in building-level contests. They were from the Glendaal, Glen-Worden and  Sacandaga elementary schools and the Middle School.

Glen-Worden Principal Nick Criscone handed out certificates to each of the elementary students, Middle School English teacher Alexandra Marquis handed out certificates to each Middle School student, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum Karen Swain presented them with ribbons and Superintendent Susan Swartz gave each student a medal.

Here is the list of all participants at the schools.

The first and second place winners in the district-wide contest now advance to the regional level of PTA competition.

Middle School


  • Third – Mia Cooper
  • Second – John Bednardck
  • First – Shannon Cook


  • Third – Reilly Misiewicz
  • Second – Dylan Bruce
  • First – Justin Richards


  • Second – Brianna Kuan
  • First – Sadie Krogh


  • Third Place – Morgan Lorey
  • Second Place – Abigail McKenna
  • First Place – Ayslinn Albright


  • Third Place – Matthew Schraa
  • Second Place -Kelly Fitzgerald
  • First Place – Sam Feinberg


  • First – Gabriella Williams

Elementary Levels:

Primary (K-Second Grade) Art

  • Third – Jackson Bodden
  • Second Place – McKenna O’Sullivan
  • First Place – Michael Malone

Primary (K-Second) Literature

  • First Place – Julia Penn

Intermediate (3rd – 5th Grade) Literature

  • Honorable Mention – Kiera MacIntosh
  • Third  – Jasper Berman
  • Second – Gabriella Stark
  • First Place – Lucy Breckenridge

Intermediate (3rd – 5th Grade) Art

  • Honorable Mention – Robby Knaggs
  • Third Place – Hollymae Thompson
  • Second Place – Abigail Taylor
  • First Place – Grace Feuz

Intermediate (3-5) – Film

  • Third – James Masucci
  • Second – Isaac Furnish
  • First Place – Zinnia Benjamin

Intermediate (3-5) – Photography

  • Second – Paige Beauchamp
  • First Place – Sage Steenburg

Intermediate (3-5) – Music

  • First – Emmett Shaw

Here are a few photos from last night’s event:

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One of the many projects on display

Nick Criscone awards a certificate

Alexandra Marquis awards a certificate PTA reflection recipients