Some high-risk sports to start at S-G

Last evening, February 8, the Scotia-Glenville Board of Education unanimously passed a resolution clearing the way for high-risk winter sports to take place.  Sports include boys’ and girls’ junior varsity and varsity basketball, ice hockey, and cheerleading.  Practices are anticipated to start Wednesday, February 10.

Jamian Rockhill, Department Chairperson for Physical Education and Athletics, worked with other members of the Foothills League and coaches to develop safe play protocols.

We don’t anticipate having a competitive schedule with the other Foothills teams – located in Montgomery, Fulton, Warren and Washington counties – that Scotia-Glenville typically plays.

Today, Tuesday, February 9, the school physicians….Doctors Buff, Hanley, Helbig, and Pezullo…approved the protocols.

As tryouts and practices commence, Mr. Rockhill will be working with neighboring schools to schedule competitions.  Competitions will be scheduled with schools that have met the metrics set by the Schenectady County Public Health Services or their county’s department of health.

Superintendent Swartz and other members of the faculty and staff will continue to work to offer additional opportunities for extracurricular activities as further guidance Is released.