SeniorCon18 – Skills for Life introduces students to many of the issues they’ll face after graduation

Whether he or she is headed to college, eager to start a business, wants to start working toward that first million or seeking advise from alumni, seniors got what they needed during the first SeniorCon18 – Skills for Life  held at the high school last Friday.

An array of community members from many walks of life – Kevin Buhrmaster, James Giammattei, Art Olson, Ryan Quick, Michael Saccocio, Weston Shapiro, Amy Stoup, Mark Swain, Darren Van Heusen and Steven Winters-Bona – brought students through their experiences and offered advice on how to achieve success.

Saccocio, director of  Schenectady’s City Mission, was the keynote speaker. He gave students tips about how to achieve a successful and rewarding life. After that, students went to one of three workshops being held throughout the building.

On surveys given to students after the event, several had positive comments:

  • “I think the senior convention is a great new event at Scotia-Glenville.”
  • “These were great seminars and were completely well done.”
  • “I feel like I learned a lot about starting a business and what to expect when attending college [as well as] the difference between luck and success.”
  • “The speakers were excellent.”

Bednark said there were comments about the poor acoustics in the gym, which he said they would work on before next year’s session.

“Overall, I would say – I am pleased with our first edition of the Scotia Glenville Senior Convention.  It is a unique idea which offers our students some special opportunities to learn about topics they may not otherwise be exposed to in the regular curriculum.  Our speakers and sessions offered a some inspirational and helpful tools and strategies.  We look forward to expanding the topics covered and bring back more Scotia Glenville alums to participate.  I appreciate all Mr. Hubbell’s efforts to make this first event work smoothly,” he said.

The first morning workshops were #collegeready?, So, You Want to Start a Business? and Healthy Living is More Than a Catch Phrase. The second morning session include #collegeready?, Advice from the Road Ahead – Alumni Panel and It’s Your Money Now.

Principal Peter Bednarek said he hopes to make this an annual event for graduating seniors. He said the sessions seemed to be well received by students and comments were positive on evaluation sheets.

Math Teacher Matt Hubbell organized the morning events. Chartwells provided snacks.

Here’s a description of the sessions:

The transition from high school to college can be intimidating and there is more to it than just a shift in academics. This seminar will provide you with ideas that will help make the transition to college life easier.

Location/Presenter: Aud / Jim Giammattei

So, You Want To Start A Business?

Have you dreamed of being your own boss? If you start your own business, what are some of the first steps you should take to ensure it is a success? Over half-a-million businesses are started each year in the
U.S. with only a fraction of them being successful. This seminar will introduce you to topics related to starting a business and how to give it the best chance at being successful.

Location/Presenter: C-09 / Mark Swain

Healthy Living is More Than A Catch-Phrase

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult for a college student or young adult in a new environment who is adjusting to a limited budget, irregular schedule, late nights, and work or study commitments.
This seminar will provide tips for developing habits that will contribute to your overall personal well- being. There will be discussion on proper nutrition, meditation, sleep and overall positive health habits.

Location/Presenter: Gym / Amy Stoup

Advice For The Road Ahead—Alumni Panel

Former SGHS students share insight on the road ahead- including their experiences post-graduation, ideas that have served them well, and skills that have provided them with opportunities for success.
Panelists have made successful careers in business, finance, and in skilled trade work.

Location/Presenters: C-09 / Various SG Alumni

It’s Your Money Now!

It is never too early to start yourself on the path to achieving your financial goals. This seminar will pro- vide you with the basics of personal finance and gen- eral advice as you begin to manage your own finances. Learn to avoid the pitfalls of credit, find out what student loans are really about and how investing at a young age can build wealth.

Location/Presenter: Gym / Steven Winters-Bona

Here are a few photos from the morning: