Scotia-Glenville is in need of substitute bus drivers!

Just as in most area school districts, Scotia-Glenville is in dire need of substitute school bus drivers. A commercial driver license (CDL) license is required as well as a physical, finger print check, behind the wheel road test and a physical performance test, all requirements of state law. Substitute drivers must also be approved by the Board of Education. The entire process may take 3-4 weeks before you’d be certified as a substitute driver.

Substitutes are paid $15.43 per hour while appointed drivers are paid $19.84. Depending on the runs, drivers typically work four to four and a half hours per day.

Anyone interested may obtain an application and reference forms from S-G Transportation Director Lori Stern at the Niskayuna bus garage, 1301 Hillside Avenue, Niskayuna. Interviews will be held at the same time the applicants pick up the applications.