Science Research symposium at the high school is a success!

Students pose after the science symposium at the high school
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MAY 24, 2017

Congratulations to the presenters at last night’s Science Research Symposium!

The evening began with a presentation from Abrahim Rehman, a 2016 graduate who now studies at Siena College.

Seniors Brianna Fitzgerald, Kylie George, Vini Silva and Libby Hanlon presented their four year’s worth of research to the 40 parents and friends gathered in A-30.

As well, students who are sophomores and juniors presented their research in displays in the hallway, engaging visitors and answering questions about their research.

Science Research, which is taught by Christopher Judd, is a three-year course in which students who are sophomores, juniors and seniors earn college credits. Each student must find a topic to research and conducts the research independently under the guidance of a mentor.