Science and Engineering students put science into action at YMCA pool

Students doing the challenge in the Glenville YMCA poolFEBRUARY 21, 2017

The 40 or so students in the Science and Engineering courses, taught by Jeffrey Bower, got to put their ideas to practice during a launch of their remote controlled submarines in the pool at the Glenville YMCA.

Bower said the classes were working on the SeaPerch ROV challenge. He took them to the YMCA in two batches. He said the first group of students assembled the kits and the vehicles, using permanent connections like soldering motors; the second group used part of the assembled kits from the first class to develop their own designs.

”I gave them (the second group) the motors already assembled and told them what the challenge was, but I gave them no more directions beyond that,” he said. “The second group came up with some very interesting designs.“

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