Scholarships 2020-21

2021 Scholarship Opportunities

February 1, 2021

AMOUNTS OF AWARDS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE (Amounts listed are from previous year)


  • Require a specific application (available online or in the Guidance Office)
  • The attached Standard Application is also required for all Scholarships 1-45

All students must hand in the completed application to Mrs. Casey directly. Applications cannot be dropped off or emailed. Please allow 10-15 minutes to check in applications. I will be available in the B10 cafeteria on Wed 03/10 and 03/17.

1.  THE SCOTIA ROTARY FOUNDATION – PEDRICK, PETERSON, & HOLLENBECK MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP AWARD – ($2,000) Award is given to a senior who has exemplified the Rotary motto “Service Above Self”.  It is based on academic achievement, qualities of leadership, financial need, and have an enjoyment of life. Essay is required

2.  THE SCHOOL ALLIANCE OF SUBSTITUTES IN EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP – (2 at $600 each) Awards are for the children and grandchildren of Alliance Members only.  One scholarship is for a student who will attend a two or four-year college and the second scholarship is for a student who will attend a vocational, technical, or trade school. Recommendation letters required 1 community 1 school-Must contact Union

3.  BEUKENDAAL FIRE DEPARTMENT SCHOLARSHIP – ($400) Award is given to a student who has shown an interest in volunteer service, with preference given to fire department activities.  The student must be a child or grandchild of one of the following:  a past or active department member, an auxiliary member, or a resident of Fire District #5. Recommendation letter highly recommended.

4.  Glen Worden PTA –($500)– Scholarship will be awarded to an applicant who have attended Glen-Worden for at least one year. Essay outlining future goals and 2 recommendation letters needed. 1 Staff/ teacher and 1 non relative.

5.  SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL PARENT TEACHER STUDENT ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIP – (2 at $500 each) Scholarships are in honor of retired high school principal, Richard McGuire.  Applicants must have attended Scotia-Glenville High School for at least two years and be in the top 25% of the graduating senior class. Essay required

6.  THE SCOTIA-GLENVILLE MIDDLE SCHOOL PTA SCHOLARSHIP – (3 at $500 each) Scholarships will be awarded to seniors who are a resident of Scotia-Glenville, graduating from Scotia-Glenville High School, and a member of the PTSA (verification of current membership is required). Students must also have demonstrated good citizenship, have involvement in school and community activities, and have admirable conduct.  See application for details.  Essay is required. Specific reference letters college letter.

7.  THE LION’S CLUB  HUMANITARIAN AWARD – (2 at $1,000 each) These awards will be given to students in the graduating class “who, in the opinion of the faculty, have shown concern for their fellow man and who have consistently volunteered to help those in need”. Essay, Chronology of volunteer service and recommendation letter needed.

8.  THE PAT MCGIVERN MEMORIAL KIWANIS SCHOLARSHIP – ($1,000) Scholarship will be presented to a graduating senior who is going to college and who has been a very active and contributing volunteer in the community. Essay is required see application for details.

9.  THE GLENVILLE HILL VOLUNTEER FIRE COMPANY SCHOLARSHIP – ($250) Award will be given to a senior who is a resident of the Glenville Hill Fire District #8 and who has demonstrated positive qualities as a volunteer in the community and school.  In addition, integrity, leadership qualities, concern for others, and the ability to work harmoniously with individuals will be an important consideration.  Each applicant is required to submit a letter describing why he/she meets the criteria of the award and must submit three letters of recommendation.  Please include an activity sheet or resume outlining school and community involvement during high school.

10.  THE CLAUDE CAVOLI SR. MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP– ($500) This scholarship, in honor of Claude Cavoli Sr, and immigrant who served in the US Military, and multiple hands on jobs in pursuit of the American Dream. Claude Cavoli co-owned Cavoli’s Grinding that has been in the Cavoli family for over 50 years. This award will be presented to a Scotia-Glenville Senior who has ambitions of following a trade, joining the US Military, or attending higher education in a hospitality field that most closely identifies with the determination, innovation and charisma of Claude Cavoli Sr.  There is an additional application, an essay and a list of activities that support your interest in this scholarship. Please pick up an application in the Guidance Office.

11.  Jack Purdy Memorial Scholarship ($1,000) This Scholarship is in honor of Jack Purdy, a police officer in the Town of Glenville. He retired as Town of Glenville Chief of Police. Education was important to Jack and he felt that a vocational or technical degree had as much value as a four-year degree.  Jack was a past president of the Kiwanis Club as well as a past Lt. Governor of the Mohawk Kiwanis Club.  In order to be eligible for this scholarship, the applicant should be accepted and will attend a vocational or technical school.  There is a specific application for this scholarship, please pick it up in the Guidance Office. Essay is required.

Scholarships 12-45:

· Require the attached Standard Application

All students must hand in the completed application to Mrs. Casey directly.  Applications cannot be dropped off or emailed.  Please allow 10-15 minutes to check in applications.  I will be available in the B10 cafeteria on Wed 03/10 and 03/17.

12.  THE GLENDAAL MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIPS (2 at $300 each) – These Scholarships will be awarded based on the following criteria::  students must demonstrated through volunteerism or community involvement, put forth the best and consistent effort in all endeavors, demonstrate a solid GPA, and write an essay on “why I feel qualified to receive the Glendaal Memorial Scholarship”. Essay should include examples specific to Glendaal. Students must have attended Glendaal for at least one year. No Financial Statement is required.

13.  THE LINCOLN SCHOOL PTA DOROTHY C. BURBANK MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP AWARD – ($500) Awarded at a minimum of $100 to one or more students.  Student(s) must have attended Lincoln School and the award may be used at any accredited two- or four-year college.  Points to be considered:  scholastic record, good citizenship, and financial need.  With other qualifications being equal, priority will be given to a student going into the field of education.  If two awards are made, preference will be given to one boy and one girl.

14.  KAY STURDY – SACANDAGA SCHOOL PTA SCHOLARSHIP – (2 at $500 each) Scholarship awards will be given to seniors who attended the fifth grade in Sacandaga School and who have, during their secondary school years, demonstrated their worth as students and citizens.

15.  LESLIE KENNY & MILDRED PICARD SCHOLARSHIP-SGTA – ($3,000) Scholarship is awarded by the Scotia-Glenville Teachers’ Association to a senior who has attended Scotia-Glenville High School for at least two years and is planning a career in teaching.  Points to be considered in selecting the recipient:  has demonstrated leadership qualities, good citizenship, shows potential as a teacher, and plans to attend an accredited teacher training institution.

16.  ALMA MCNEIL MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP-SGTA – ($1,000) Award is given by the Scotia-Glenville Teachers’ Association to a senior planning to attend a two-year college or post high school vocational program.  Points to be considered in selecting the recipient:  has demonstrated qualities of good citizenship, friendliness, and school spirit as evidenced by involvement in extra-curricular activities.

17.  SCOTIA FIRE DEPARTMENT SCHOLARSHIPS – (2 at $250 each) Scholarships will be awarded by the Scotia Fire Department to graduating seniors who live in Fire Protection District #3 or #4, and who have shown an interest in bettering the community by individual efforts or by participation in a school, church, or community activity.  Interest and participation in fire safety is one expression of a valid activity.  Points to be considered:  student has maintained a satisfactory academic record throughout grades ten to twelve, and student’s school and community activities must be taken into consideration. No letter of recommendation is required.  Each applicant must submit a personal letter describing his participation in programs that are of service to the community or related to fire safety.

18.  THE GRACE R. SOMMERMAN/JEAN HINMAN NURSING – HEALTH CARE AWARD – ($500) Award will be given to a student who is interested in a career in the nursing health care profession, shows service to school and community, has a sense of humor, and is concerned for others.

19.  THE VILLAGE OF SCOTIA PATROLMEN’S BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIP – ($250) Award is given to a student who is planning a career in law enforcement, criminal justice, or a related field, applied to the betterment of the law enforcement system.  Applicants should demonstrate a familiarity with some current issue of importance within the criminal justice field in the form of a written essay (up to two pages).

20.  THE CRAIG B. HITCHCOCK MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – ($100) Scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior who has demonstrated high academic achievement, strong character, and outstanding leadership as evidenced by participation in athletics, two or more school clubs and activities, and dedication to the school and community through service projects.  Financial need is a high priority.  Resume needed.

21.  SCOTIA ROTARY FOUNDATION- KATHLEEN CLOTHIER AND RAYMOND CLOTHIER SCHOLARSHIP – ($2,000) Award will be given to a graduating senior who will use the scholarship to further his/her education at the college or university of his/her choice.

22.  THE SUSAN BETH EIDENS-DOEBLER SCHOLARSHIP – ($1,000) Awarded to a graduating senior planning to enter the field of medical science.  Criteria for the award:  have clearly demonstrated sound scholastic aptitude and achievement, have clearly demonstrated the qualities of integrity and outstanding citizenship, of being a giver rather than a taker, of having an open mind and working well with others, and have a zest for life. Each applicant must submit a letter describing why he or she meets the criteria for the award and reasons for selecting the medical sciences field.

23.  THE CAROLYN GERDIN SCHOLARSHIP-LINCOLN SCHOOL PTA – ($500) Scholarship to be awarded to a graduating senior who plans to attend a two- or four-year college.  Criteria and qualities to be considered:  must have attended Lincoln Elementary School for at least one full year, focus on volunteering and community involvement to “Make a Difference” in the school and community around them, and must possess a good solid grade point average.  Financial need is not a priority.

24.  THE SCOTIA-GLENVILLE SOFTBALL SCHOLARSHIP – (3 at $250) Awarded to a senior girl who has played softball in the Scotia-Glenville league at Beukendaal Park for a minimum of three years, has an average of 80% or higher, has good character, is outgoing and friendly, and has been involved in civic and community projects.  Must include a short essay addressing your response to the statement – How Softball has influenced me.

25.  JUNIOR TARTAN FOOTBALL SCHOLARSHIPS – (2 at $100 each) One scholarship will be awarded to a football player who has played Pop Warner and high school football. The second scholarship will be awarded to a cheerleader who has cheered in Pop Warner and participated in any high school sport.

26.  THOMAS F. EVERS MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – (2 at $250 each or 1 at  $500) This scholarship, presented by the Scotia-Glenville Little League, will be awarded to a senior(s) who meet(s) the following criteria:  high academic achievement, leadership, sportsmanship, good character, loyalty, dedication to interscholastic sports, played interscholastic baseball, and must have participated in at least three years of Scotia-Glenville Little League.

27.  JAMES CUFARI MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – ($500) Award will be given to a graduating senior who demonstrates commitment to doing his/her part to be a good citizen by documented volunteer efforts in school and home.  Criteria used:  financial need, participation in the GIVE program, an average of 80% or higher, and have set goals for career and community service.  Student must submit a letter of about 250 words to the committee that addresses his/her goals and why community service and volunteerism are important to them, and how he/she plans to use their love of learning and service to others positively in the future.

28.  THE MIKE MORTENSEN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – ($250) Scholarship is award to a graduating senior who will attend a four-year college and participate in inter-collegiate athletics in at least the Division III level.  A GPA of 89% or higher is needed. Students must write a letter stating their involvement in, and support of, the athletic program at Scotia-Glenville High School.

29.  THE MR. ‘K’ TEACHER EDUCATION AWARD – ($500) The applicants must be a graduate of Sacandaga School and intend to pursue a teaching degree in any subject or grade level, including the arts, music, physical education, etc.  If there is not a Sacandaga student pursuing a teaching degree, the scholarship may be awarded to any S-G student who will pursue a teaching degree.

30.  THE CHARLES LEONOWICZ SCHOLARSHIP – ($250) This award will be given to a student who demonstrates good academic standing, citizenship, and has a teacher/coach recommendation with the application.  The student should be looking to enter the field of education (physical education preferred) when entering college and have been involved in an athletic team while in school.  A love of fitness and good sportsmanship are key traits for this award.

31.  THE SCOTIA-GLENVILLE BABE RUTH SCHOLARSHIP – ($250) To receive this award, students must have maintained an average of 85% or higher, shown good character and leadership, played high school baseball, and must have participated in three years of Scotia-Glenville Babe Ruth Baseball.

32.  THE COLLIER SCHOLARSHIP – (Amount to be determined annually) This scholarship will be awarded to the student whose letter describes his/her desire to make a difference in the lives of others through their commitment to the field of education.  Special consideration will be given to students who plan to pursue a career in special education.  This student must be in the top 25% of the class and demonstrate financial need. Needs 2 recommendation letters from faculty and staff.

33.  THE RICHARD W. FYVIE MEMORIAL AWARD – ($500) An award to a graduating senior who has demonstrated good citizenship in the school and community, will be studying criminal justice or a related field, maintained at least a B average (83%) while in school, participated in community service, and has been active in sports (baseball, softball, bowling, golf, etc.).

34.  THE FRIENDS AND FAMILY OF S-G HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1962 MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – ($250) Scholarship will be awarded to a student who has been an active class member and is planning to pursue a career in the health care field.

35.  THE SCOTIA-GLENVILLE BASKETBALL PLAYERS CLUB – (2 at $200 each) Awards will be presented to athletes who have participated in any varsity sport in any capacity, have also participated in club level athletics, and have maintained a GPA of 3.0 (80%) or better.

36.  THE GUAN-HO-HA FISH AND GAME CLUB SCHOLARSHIP OF SCOTIA, NY – ($2,000 over 4 years)  Given to a qualifying senior student somewhere within the Capital District Region who will pursue a career and college major in Pre-Veterinary Studies, Fish and Wildlife, Natural Resources, Environmental Science or Law ,Forestry, Marine Life, Ecology, Biology (with concertation in Plant/Animal or Environmental Sciences only). or other type of Conservation major. A specific letter of recommendation is required from either the applicant’s Guidance Counselor or a Science Teacher or someone in the career you plan to pursue. The Criteria for this scholarship will be based on academic achievement, community involvement and to a greater extend on financial need. All qualifying Seniors planning to study in one of the qualifying majors, preparing to enter college this fall, are encouraged to apply but special consideration will be given to applicants who have extended family members of Guan-Ho-Ha Fish and Game Club. It is important to share this information if it applies, in your cover letter that must be attached to your application for this scholarship.  .

37.  THE PAUL LASHER ATHLETIC MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – ($250) Scholarship will be awarded to a student who has strong leadership skills, plays a varsity sport, demonstrates strong athletic ability, and has a passion for life.  In addition, each applicant must submit a letter stating why he/she deserves this award.

38.  THE RYAN M. SALAMONE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP ($500) This scholarship will be awarded to a student who is an active participant in sports and active member of the student-led spirit section, is light-hearted, possesses a good sense of humor and a positive attitude, is mechanically inclined, and enjoys art. Student letter required.

39.   THE SCOTIA-GLENVILLE NURSES’ AWARD – (minimum of $100 to $500 maximum) Scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior who is continuing his/her education in the field of nursing with satisfactory attendance, and academic achievement. Applicant must be acceptance into a nursing program. Essay of 200-300 words regarding interest in the field of nursing,

40.   THE OYANGEN MERIT AWARD – (2 at $250 each) NOT AVAILABLE IN 2021

41.  MOUNTAIN RIDGE ADVENTURE – ($150) Mountain Ridge Adventure wants to encourage everyone to play outside more.  To apply for this scholarship, respond creatively to the question by writing an essay “How can society encourage more unstructured outdoor play?”  The medium is open to interpretation, and the award will be based on the thought behind the answer and the presentation.

42.  MARIA MAYNARD MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – ($400) This Scholarship is in honor of Maria Maynard, a gifted and talented elementary teacher.  Maria was an outstanding athlete, with a positive attitude, enormous heart, sense of humor, and was passionate about everything she pursued. Her competitiveness also embodied the principles of good sportsmanship.  Maria was a member of the following organizations:  Brave Will Foundation, Glen-Worden School Library, Scotia-Glenville Relay for Life, and was involved in various fundraisers. Applicants should be a strong athlete who embodies the principles of good sportsmanship, participated in two or more sports (one being a school sport), have at least an 85 cumulative average, someone who has/is facing a difficult life challenge, be a compassionate, positive and kind person, and be involved in community service.  Requires a one-page typed essay as to how the student has made a positive impact in their community.

43.   The Patsy R. Benny Jr. Memorial Scholarship-($250.00)-Pat was very involved in school and as an alumni he organized many class reunions and was a member of the 50 Plus Club. While in school Pat was also a member of the Atomic Energy Club, Ski Club, table Tennis, Bowling and Tennis Teams. This Scholarship is in honor of Pat Benny who was a lifelong Scotia Resident and an active member of the Scotia Class of 48. Pat was a steamfitter/plumber for GE, and a self taught print and graphic arts master craftsman. Award will be given to a graduating senior who is accepted and will attend a vocational trade or technical school and or pursue a career in the graphic arts industry. The applicant should be community and civic minded and demonstrate school spirit, good citizenship, integrity, honesty and concern for others through participation in school or community activities. Apply via the Standard application and submit student letter.

44.  Glenville Hills Fire Department Auxiliary Scholarship-($500.00)-This scholarship Scotia-Glenville High School Senior students who: are living in the Glenville Hills Fire Department district, living in the Scotia Glenville central school district  and have a family member past or present in the Glenville Hill Fire Department, or living in the Scotia-Glenville Central school district and is actively volunteering and participating in the fire department within their district of residence. Student must maintained and overall GPA of 80 percent. The applicant must submit the following in order to be considered:  complete application, Letter from the Chief of the fire department indicating either personal volunteer work/participation or if a family member is a volunteer, proof of active status within the district of residence.  Short essay that addresses the following: What is the purpose of volunteering within the community you reside? What volunteer experiences have you participated in within your community? How would these funds help you with your educational endeavors? What type of education or trade do you plan on pursuing?

45.  Regina Gabriele Memorial Scholarship-($300) This Scholarship is available for a senior girl planning to pursue a four year college degree in Interior Design, Architecture, Graphic Design or Art. Regina was a member of the 1975 senior class, who was very well liked and respected by all her classmates.

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