RPI Ambassadors bring their love of engineering to students at the Middle School

Students working on a lab

Whether doing a hands-on lab or getting immersed in the depths of research, students at the Middle School moved outside their comfort zones on Monday.

All students in grades 6-8 experienced hours of designing, hypothesizing, testing, questioning, applying their knowledge and working collaboratively thanks to six RPI Engineering Ambassadors: Parth Bhide,  senior; Louis Caponi, junior; Erin Goodwin, junior; Denver Overend, junior; Luke Cherniack, sophomore and Rachel Stagnitti, senior.

The RPI Engineering Ambassadors program is an educational outreach program that showcases the research projects of RPI students. The ambassadors moved from room to room during the nine periods to ensure all students were involved.

The RPI Engineering Ambassadors gave a short presentation to each class. They then introduced students to a challenge in the form of a hands-on lab activity to simulate real-world engineering problems. The presentation topics were chemical engineering, thermoelectric devices, and how GPS works.

Even as they left the classroom, students were still asking each other “How many volts did you get with the copper?,” “How did you get all three fluids to combine through the valves?,” and “Wouldn’t the fan have turned the other way if we switched the polarity?”

Teachers worked side-by-side with the RPI students during the labs.

Here are several photos on Facebook.

Students conducting experiments during the program Students writing during RPI ambassador program Students working during the program Doing experiments during the RPI ambassador program