Retiring staff members recognized by the Board of Education

These retiring staff members were recognized by the Board of Education on Monday, June 14

Retiring employees are listed in alphabetical order.

  • Christine Caffrey – Speech & Language Pathologist, Scotia-Glenville Middle School

Christine has served as a speech and language pathologist at Scotia-Glenville for 20 years beginning at Lincoln Elementary and most recently at the Middle School. Christine helped pioneer the co-teaching program at Lincoln. Along with her colleagues, Christine found innovative strategies to support student’s use of language skills within the classroom. She has joined students in many subject area classes; instructing and modeling the use of language skills to improve learning. One year, she co-taught an art class with the art teacher so she could support several students with significant language deficits be successful. Christine brought her co-teaching experience and language expertise to the middle school where she has helped improve learning for students in the four core subjects. Christine became certified as a Wilson Reading Systems instructor. Adding this skill to her repertoire has enabled Christine to assist students with Dyslexia to learn to read and read to learn. Christine has demonstrated her dedication to her students and the field of speech and language by assisting with various District initiatives and by providing leadership in the provision of professional development in her area of expertise.  Christine, we will miss your insight and willingness to be involved in many ways that enhanced student outcomes and the school community. Stay healthy and enjoy your well-earned retirement.

  • Colleen Carnevale – Elementary Special Education Teacher, Glendaal Elementary

Mrs. Carnevale has assisted students with special learning needs at the elementary, middle and high school level throughout her career at Scotia-Glenville. She demonstrated her commitment to assisting students in the least restrictive environment by pioneering a co-teaching section of Living Environment at the high school when the co-teaching model was first being introduced into the field. Colleen and her general education co-teacher combined their teaching expertise and talents to create an instructional program that was successful for students with special learning needs and the other students in the class. This model was highly effective leading to many positive student outcomes over the many years they taught together. This pilot paved the way for other co-teaching courses at the high school and then at the elementary and middle school level. Mrs. Carnevale went on to share her talents with colleagues at the elementary and middle school. Most recently she accepted the District’s invitation to be trained in the Wilson Reading System. Colleen received Wilson Reading certification and has been instructing students with Dyslexia so they may learn to read with ease. Colleen is finishing her career at Scotia-Glenville at the elementary level. She finished her career teaching students in the virtual environment. Her flexibility to be able to work in so many diverse learning environments and dedication as a true student advocate are a lasting testimony to her character and professionalism.  Mrs. Carnevale and her many contributions to the Scotia-Glenville learning community will be missed and all of your colleagues here at Scotia-Glenville wish you a very fulfilling retirement. Flexible, dedicated, student advocate.

  • Susan Carey – Head Bus Driver, Transportation Department

Susan Carey started her career with SGCSD in 1999. She has had many roles within the department since then. Sue’s most recent position was Head Bus Driver. It was in this position that her hard work, dedication and passion shined as she trained our newest staff members. Sue will be greatly missed by our department. We wish her the best as she navigates her next journey into retirement.

  • Mark Cary – Sr. Maintenance Mechanic, Co-Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds

Mark joined the District in 2005 as a Maintenance Mechanic after working for over 20 years at Montgomery Meadows as Building Maintenance Supervisor. He was appointed as a Senior Maintenance Mechanic for the District in May of 2013 and has served in this capacity ever since.

He was appointed as a co-supervisor for the Building and Grounds Department in 2015. Mark’s main responsibilities as co-supervisor were to oversee the custodial and cleaning staff and to work with all building Administrators on their needs for their buildings. Mark has always done an excellent job in making sure that our schools are ready for opening day each year.

This past year Mark was faced with the difficult task of being responsible for overseeing the cleanliness and disinfecting of our facilities as well as ordering all PPE for the District. This proved to be extremely challenging given the shortages the country faced in PPE. However, Mark managed to ensure that the District had sufficient supplies in this area.

Mark has always been known for his great sense of humor and his willingness to do anything for anybody. He has always been a dedicated and conscientious worker. He will be missed by not only his department, but the various staff he encountered each day.

We know Mark will enjoy his free time hunting, fishing and spending time with his brand new grandson and the rest of his family. We wish Mark nothing but the best in his retirement!

  • John Ciarmello – Bus Driver, Transportation

John Ciarmello has had an amazing 24 years with the Transportation Department as a Bus Driver. His positive outlook, uplifting attitude and infectious personality are some of the things we will miss most. John was an important part of the Transportation Family and we are sad to see him go. We wish you much happiness in your retirement.

  • Eric DeCarlo – Social Studies Teacher, Scotia-Glenville High School

Mr. DeCarlo began his career at Scotia-Glenville High School in 1991.  During his tenure here, he taught a number of different courses at the high school.  His work as a Social Studies teacher brought both history and current events to life for students within his classroom.  He often used the events of our times and the discourse of our community both locally and internationally to influence students’ learning about history, government, and society.  Mr. DeCarlo is well-read and has a deep appreciation for travel.  His many cross-cultural experiences also influenced his work in the Social Studies classroom.  He served as a chaperone on a number of school trips outside of the country and was always willing to share his interests abroad with others both inside the classroom and beyond.  During his career he also served as the unit President of the Scotia Glenville Teachers’ Association for many years representing his colleagues and interacting with other NYSUT employees beyond our district’s walls.  During the warm weather months, Mr. DeCarlo was often seen riding his motorcycle to school and would interact with our students about this and many other interests.  We wish Mr. DeCarlo well in his retirement.

  • Grace Demarco – Monitor, Scotia-Glenville High School

Grace began working with Scotia Glenville as a monitor at Glen Worden Elementary back in 2004.  She also spent some time during the mid-2000s working as a transportation aide with our younger students on busses.  Mrs. Demarco then moved up to the High School level when we had a need for a substitute hall monitor and in 2018 she returned to full-time work at the High School where she has been a steady and positive part of our team until her retirement this year.  In her years working at the high school she spent many hours in different parts of the building supporting students as they made transitions among their classes and responding to needs as they arose throughout the day.  Grace also was our primary door monitor for much of the day where she would greet everyone as they entered the building.  Her kind and calm demeanor was a tremendous asset in the building and she had a keen sense for whenever something was amiss and would notify the correct person quickly.  The work of a hall monitor can feel very repetitive but Grace remained patient and consistent through each day.  We wish her a happy, healthy and full retirement.

  • Stephani Dimopoulos-DiCocco – Art Teacher, Scotia-Glenville High School

Mrs. Dimopoulos-DiCocco was an all-inclusive, interdisciplinary and nurturing teacher for nearly 30 years.  Her Art classroom provided a venue for her to offer students the opportunity to learn about themselves, be themselves, and also to express themselves.  She encouraged creativity and she embodies compassion.  Mrs. D. was the Art Club Advisor and took annual field trips to NYC and The Clark Art Museum.  She initiated and facilitated the Senior Art show in the halls of our school and was in charge of Olympics of the Visual Arts and the Media Arts Festival.  Mrs. D. initiated the Pink Party which began as a celebration of women and then grew into an all-inclusive event to celebrate all artists and creative life. She has been an incredible resource for Art students but she has also served as a cheerleader for personal wellness and mental health for all of her colleagues.  Her positive influence at the high school was evident each day as she would pass out positive thought cards in the morning for staff and students and offered free weekly yoga classes to staff.  Throughout her career and even now, she continues to strive to be a better person by continually taking classes, traveling and teaching others to develop creatively as the Director of The Dimos Intuitive Arts Center.  Mrs. Dimopoulos-DiCocco, we wish you a peaceful and positive retirement.

  • Beth Donovan – Kindergarten Teacher, Glendaal Elementary

Beth has been a member of the Scotia-Glenville teaching community since 1998.  For 23 years at Glendaal she has provided instruction for our youngest learners in kindergarten.  Prior to teaching in Scotia, Beth spent many years teaching in Geneva, Holy Spirit, Immaculate Conception, Mohonasen, Voorheesville and the SUNY Child Study and Reading Research.  She has taught approximately 800 children over her career.  Beth has been an active member on various committees such as Professional Advisory Council, Kindergarten screening team, Health and Safety committee and the math committee.

During retirement Beth is looking forward to spending more time with her family.  She is looking forward to visiting her son and daughter in law in Colorado.  She is also looking forward to spending time with her daughter’s family including more time with grandson Caleb.  Beth is also interested in volunteering in a reading program for children and finding more time to enjoy the outdoors like snowshoeing.

  • Ed Dorries – Head Custodian, Lincoln Elementary

Ed Dorries first started working in Scotia Glenville at Lincoln Elementary in the summer of 1983 as a summer helper. This July he will be retiring from Scotia-Glenville with 36 years of service.

As the Lincoln Building custodian, he was responsible for all aspects of the physical plant, making sure the building was safe, clean and ready for learning. Each morning Ed can be found inspecting our playground and prepping the grounds to make sure students & staff enter the school safely.

Throughout the day, Ed is the go to person if anyone needed assistance. He takes great pride in the fact that each classroom was set up and ready to go when students entered the classroom. Ed would also take care of the many little things that often went unnoticed, but meant a lot to our individual staff members. As new staff came to Lincoln, Ed always made sure that they were greeted with a new name plate on their classroom or office door.

Although Mr. Dorries avoided any recognition, he was honored in 2017 as the Lincoln Founder’s Day recipient. He received this recognition because of his commitment to the staff and students here at Lincoln. Mr. Dorries is well respected and liked by the students here at Lincoln and they always looked forward to seeing Mr. Dorries during their lunch time.

Mr. Dorries has a long history with Lincoln Elementary school. Following in the footsteps of his father, who was also the custodian for Lincoln Elementary years ago, Ed enjoyed his job and always took great pride in what was best for the building, our staff and the students.

Mr. Dorries will be greatly missed and we wish him the very best of luck in his well-deserved retirement.

  • MaryLou Durant – Discipline Secretary/Executive Secretary 1, Scotia-Glenville High School

MaryLou came to Scotia Glenville in 2004 after working at St. Mary’s in Amsterdam for 12 years. She has been a fixture in the Main Office of the High School as a Secretary working with the Dean of Students, Assistant Principal and all our students, teachers, and staff members. For nearly 20 years everyone at the High School has come to rely on Mrs. Durant for assistance with all kinds of things from Working Papers to locker combinations. Mrs. Durant processed information in our student management system, returned phone calls, made announcements, and set appointments all while helping to make the high school office a welcoming and safe space for students and parents who come and go all through the day. Working as a secretary in the Main Office is a life of constant action from first thing in the morning to the very end of the work day. MaryLou was a consistent, positive influence throughout her many years and we wish her a healthy and happy retirement.

  • Daniel Elliott – Health Teacher, Scotia-Glenville Middle School

Dan Elliott taught health at Scotia-Glenville Middle School for 28 years! Dan’s kindness and dedication to his students had been a warm welcome to students transitioning from elementary to middle school. It was important to him to not only teach his students essential health skills but to lead by example and mold his students into compassionate, informed citizens. Beyond classroom instruction, Dan was also immersed in the school community as an organizer of club activities to enhance students’ physical health and overall well-being. Dan’s friendly disposition will be greatly missed!

  • Lynn Greene – Math Teacher, Scotia-Glenville High School

Mrs. Greene has been a pillar of the Mathematics department for the past 34 years.  Over the span of three decades, she taught a variety of courses, mentored dozens of new teachers, participated on many committees and was a quiet but steadfast leader among her colleagues.  As a teacher, she held high standards for her students, pushed them to be their best and at the same time she showed them that she cared for them as students and individuals.  She taught the highest level of mathematics courses and was one of the early adopters of the Distance Learning technology which allowed students in other districts to benefit from her teaching.  Students and staff both hold great respect for Mrs. Greene for her dedication in educating and preparing young adults for college and for their adult lives.  As a colleague she led by example.  In education there are times when change needs to occur and during these times, Mrs. Greene would join committees, team up with others, and offer guidance and productive suggestions in the interest of what was best for our students.  When Mrs. Greene spoke, we all listened.  She is a dependable professional with great initiative.  She and her colleague Mrs. D. (in the Art Department) also took students on field trips to art museums to broaden their horizons.  Mrs. Greene is the embodiment of the quintessential high school Mathematics teacher and is a true Tartan.  We wish her a fulfilling and enjoyable retirement.

  • Mischelle Gustafson – Special Education Teacher, Scotia-Glenville High School

Mrs. Gustafson has served as a special education teacher at the high school since 2005. Her dedication to the success of her students with special learning needs is evident in her every-day interactions with students. In the resource room she always greets her students as they walk through the door with, “Hi! Let’s see what work you have to complete”. She would then check the computer and the student’s assignment notebook to assure that the student’s time in the resource room was well spent. If a student indicated all their work was completed, Mrs. Gustafson, with smile, would say, “Let’s just check”. In addition to serving as a Resource Room Teacher, she also supported students in the classroom as a co-teacher in Global Studies. With her expertise in specially-designed instruction she and her co-teacher devised an instructional program that addressed the needs of all of the students in the general education Global class and worked as a team to provide a unique experience for those students. Mrs. Gustafson’s dedication and student focus enabled those with special learning needs to be successful and to participate and learn in the general education classroom. The students, and staff, will surely miss Mrs. Gustafson. We wish you all the best for an enjoyable retirement.

  • Kenn Handin – Pupil Personnel Services Director, District-Wide

Mr. Handin has been the Director of Pupil Services at Scotia Glenville since 2001.  As the administrator charged with overseeing programs and services for students with special needs, his work required expertise, compassion, and a firm grounding in the benefits of an inclusive education model.  Mr. Handin’s work required he communicate with countless professionals across the spectrum of K-12 education, interact with parents, and carefully interpret and apply state and federal regulations.  During his two decades of service, Mr. Handin worked with our teachers, counselors, psychologists, social workers, and nurses, one-on-one aides and teaching assistants, to build and shape a special education continuum that met the needs of a diverse student population.  The continuum of services developed and implemented by Mr. Handin has been held up as a model for other schools in the area.  He has been supportive of all SG students but advocated most diligently for those with special needs. Mr. Hanidn was particularly focused on providing programs and services that fostered growth as students progressed through their education in the least restrictive environment. He is a true proponent of inclusivity, opening doors and opportunities for children with special needs to learn and grow alongside their non-disabled peers. He led the district’s staff and faculty in developing new programming options for students, ensuring staff had the professional development needed to implement these opportunities. Mr. Handin’s work often required dexterity and creativity in finding solutions and working with multiple parties and he was able to keep the educational program moving forward and find common ground for all.  Mr. Handin – may the wind always be in your sails as you embark on your retirement journey.

  • Laura Hoskin – Special Education Teacher, Glen-Worden Elementary

Laura Hoskin has served as a special education teacher for 32 years. She has provided special education services of various types at the elementary level. She has helped students with special learning needs to learn to attend better, to read, to learn math, and to enhance their writing skills. Laura has worked with small groups of students in the resource room and in the special class setting. Most recently, Laura has been co-teaching and pushing into general education classrooms to support the learning of her students. Over her career, Laura has helped educate students with many different educational disabilities including students with learning disabilities, Dyslexia, and students on the Autism spectrum. Laura’s calm demeanor and persistent and hopeful instructional approach has been effective in helping many, many students to have a successful school experience. In addition to supporting students, Laura has been a resource to the administrative team. Her experience with creative scheduling has helped solved many scheduling dilemmas.  Laura, our wish for you is to have a healthy, enjoyable and adventurous retirement.

  • Duncan Leach – Special Education Teacher, Scotia-Glenville High School

Mr. Leach joined the Scotia-Glenville learning community in 2001 as a special education teacher. His first assignment was at Sacandaga Elementary. After three successful years at Sacandaga helping some learning challenged students, he was asked to create a Life Skills program for students with significant learning needs at the high school. The program he developed was so successful that the Director of Pupil Personnel wouldn’t let him leave that position for 13 years! After doing such a wonderful job meeting the educational needs of the life skills students, Mr. Leach transitioned to assisting students in the high school resource room for the last four years of his career. The work of a special education teacher is to provide students with the specially designed instruction that enables them to continue to learn and grow. Mr. Leach is a master of instructional design and the success and growth of the life skills program is attributed to his skill and talent. He is a clear and thorough communicator.  So many students and families have been fortunate that Mr. Leach was at the helm of the Life Skills program for so long. Mr. Leach, you have provided students with significant learning challenges, hope, positive energy and a bright future! Congratulations on your retirement.

  • Leanna S. Reed-Leffler – Elementary Teacher, Glendaal Elementary

Leanna joined the Scotia Glenville teaching staff in 1990.  She has spent her entire career teaching second grade at Glendaal.  Over her 31 years of teaching she has provided her students with a warm and welcoming environment.  She is enthusiastic about what she does and passes that enthusiasm on to those lucky enough to have her as a teacher.  Leanna is a true team player.  She is well respected by her colleagues and is always willing to provide support and guidance where needed.  She has a wonderful sense of humor and loves to make the adults and students around her smile.

There is nothing Leanna will not be willing to help with and it often extends beyond Glendaal.  She is a member of the Sunshine committee, SGTA building rep, district mentor, Student Council advisor, K-2 running club coordinator, member of the ELA and Math district wide committees, district athletic event supervisor and worked at the State Education Department on several instructional initiatives just to name a few.

In retirement Leanna is looking to spend more time with her husband Frank, her boys Jared, Ryan, Nick and Jessie, and her dog Zoey.  Family is the center and core value of Leanna’s life.  A house full of people makes her the happiest.  She is looking to reconnect with friends in the community, the YMCA and her fitness buddies.

Leanna will be tremendously missed at Glendaal.  We wish her the very best in retirement!

  • Phyllis E. MacFee-Cranston – Teacher’s Aide, Glendaal Elementary

Phyllis MacFee has spent many years of her life in the Scotia Glenville school district!  Her roles have changed through the years but her dedication has always been strong!  Phyllis attended K-6 at Glendaal Elementary.  She graduated from our high school in 1976.  Phyllis changed her role from being a student to being an educator!  She spent 24 years in different roles throughout the district.  She was a teaching aide sub at several elementary buildings.  She was a Sacandaga recess monitor and teacher’s aide.  At the MS she was a hall monitor, a breakfast monitor and a teaching assistant.  She worked a summer at the high school supervising the regents review classes done in the distance learning classroom.   She finished her Scotia career as a teacher’s assistant at Glendaal Elementary.

Phyllis hung up her Scotia Glenville hat in the Fall of 2020.  Since then she has enjoyed gardening, shopping and lunches with her friends.  Her best time spent is with her family!  The Scotia Glenville family certainly appreciates Phyllis and has missed her this year.  We continue to wish her a fabulous retirement.

  • Elaine McCarthy – Teacher’s Aide, Scotia-Glenville Middle School

Elaine joined the Scotia-Glenville Middle School learning community in February of 2013. Elaine’s service as a student aide was invaluable to students with specialized learning needs as they learned in our co-taught or equivalent instruction classrooms. Elaine successfully supported students in grade 6-8 who had various types of learning needs. She was a helpful support to both students and teachers. Elaine demonstrated her ongoing commitment to helping students by working with the students during the District’s summer special education program as well. Being familiar with the student’s needs enabled students to profit more fully from the summer program. We thank Elaine for her commitment to students and to the program. We all wish her well in her well-earned retirement.

  • Sharon Neal – Bus Aide, Transportation

Sharon Neal has been employed by Scotia-Glenville CSD Transportation Department for 14 years as an aide. Throughout her tenure, Sharie has worked with many different children. Through hard, vigilant, compassionate work she has made a difference in these children’s lives.  Sharie has been a wonderful, reliable fundamental part of the Transportation Department Family. She will be greatly missed! Good Luck in your retirement and enjoy Florida!

  • Glenn Neander – Senior Custodian, Sacandaga Elementary School

Glenn began working for the District in November 2007 as a Cleaner for the high school. He relocated to the middle school as a Cleaner in 2010. Prior to starting his career with the district he worked for Sofco and the Town of Ballston Library as a Cleaner.

Glenn continued with the District until his retirement in February of this year in various roles. In 2013 he was appointed as a Custodian at the high school. He was promoted to a Sr. Custodian at Sacandaga Elementary School in 2015, where he remained until his retirement.

Glenn was a dedicated and conscientious worker in all of his roles with the District. He will be missed all of those who knew him.

We know Glenn will enjoy remodeling his new residence in New Hampshire, fishing, attending live concerts and spending more time with the family. We wish him a happy and healthy retirement!

  • Dale Olsen – Bus Driver, Transportation

Dale has been an important part of the transportation department since 2013. During the pandemic he went out of his way to make the students feel connected by leaving lawn ornaments with personal notes saying they were missed.  In a time of uncertainty, he gave them something to smile about. He often received notes of appreciation from parents.  Dale will be missed by his coworkers, parents and students. We wish him a happy retirement with many fishing trips!

  • Richard Putorti – Math Teacher, Scotia-Glenville Middle School

Richard has taught math at Scotia-Glenville Middle School for 30 years! His ardent commitment to his students, passion for teaching and learning, and deep desire to share and collaborate with colleagues has been a pillar of the math department. Richard’s dedication to empower his students and ignite the love of math is demonstrated daily but, of note, spending time with his students after class reteaching a concept, implementing games that hone math skills, creating a home to school communication channel with parents throughout the year, and delighting students with quotes from Star Wars’ Yoda. Richard is an integral part of the fabric of the middle school. Not only did he bring to our middle school the famous morning news program, MSBC, but he also frequently shared his love of music with our school community through an all-faculty rock band. Richard’s kindness, collegiality, dedication and sense of humor will truly be missed.

  • Mary Radom – Elementary Teacher, Glen-Worden Elementary

Congratulations to Mary Radom on her retirement!  The entire Glen-Worden school community wishes her all the best.  Mrs. Radom’s contributions to Glen-Worden have helped to make it a wonderful place to learn and work.  Her students have benefited greatly from her willingness to always seek out new and exciting ways to enrich their lives.  Year after year, she has created a classroom culture that values hard work, teamwork and kindness.  Her co-workers describe her as someone who will always lift you up, compliment you as a teacher, praise your ideas, and remind you that your students are lucky to have you.  Right up through her last year with us, Mrs. Radom has mentored new teachers and staff members, helping them build a strong foundation in their careers.  Mrs. Radom retires as a teacher leader that we all look up to.   We are forever grateful for her long-lasting contributions to the Glen-Worden school community.

    • Christine Senn – Teaching Assistant, Scotia-Glenville Middle School

    Christine has served as an assistant teacher at the Middle School for the last 10 years. She had the important job of supporting students with special learning needs in the equivalent instruction classrooms. When you walked into a classroom where Christine was working you saw her explaining directions or clarifying a concept to a student. She would move from student to student checking to make sure that students understood what they were to do and what they were learning. Her help in the classroom was invaluable as she effectively worked with students in small groups, providing students with the support they needed and enabling the teacher to give students smaller group and individualized instruction and support. Christine’s kind and calm approach to students allowed students to feel safe to ask questions and to take academic risks. There are so many students who succeeded at school as a result of her direct support and dedication. Christine, we miss you and wish you all the best in your well-deserved retirement.

    • Diane Skibinski – Speech & Language Pathologist, Glen-Worden Elementary

    Mrs. Skibinski joined the Scotia-Glenville learning community in 2001 as a speech and language pathologist.  She brought along with her several years’ experience with special needs preschool students and a deep commitment to improving the speech and language outcomes for students here in our district at multiple grade levels – including the High School. At Glen-Worden Elementary, Mrs. Skibinski has worked tirelessly to provide her students the skills they need to be academically successful in school and to communicate with their peers so they could enjoy socializing with others. Even working through the COVID pandemic did not damper her dedication to providing top-notch therapy to her students despite the obvious challenges for a speech and language teacher. She researched different methods of using technology and found a system that allowed her to provide high interest therapy activities using the green board technology similar to that used by the meteorologists on television. The students loved the different images and activities she was able to share over the Internet which allowed the them to continue to grow while learning remotely. Over the years, Mrs. Skibinski developed an expertise in the language challenges faced by students on the Autism Spectrum and over the last several years, she has collaborated with the teachers and staff in the Developmental Skills class, using a variety of different techniques, to improve the language development of these special learners. Mrs. Skibinski moves into retirement with a legacy of helping many students with special learning needs. Best wishes for a well-earned retirement. We know your students will always remember to “use their best words.”

    • Martin Ziac – Social Studies Teacher, Scotia-Glenville Middle School

    Martin Ziac has worked at Scotia Glenville for 31 years. He was hired in 1990 as a social studies teacher and eventually became the Department Chair of Social Studies, and later the Academic Head of Social Studies and English. He played bass for the social studies band in several Tartan Turkey Talent Shows, and was a well-known Russophile.

    After stepping down from administration to go back to the classroom, Martin spent the last six years of his career teaching 7th grade social studies where his classroom was always full of students during his “off” periods. Loved by his students and his colleagues alike, Martin will truly be missed.


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