Questions about the NYS testing procedures for 2021

COMMENT: Good afternoon: can you provide more information as to NYS Testing for this year? Are our Middle School students going to be taking them and, if so, what will be the procedure for fully Virtual Students? Is there a form to notify the District if a student would like to opt out? Will opting out have any effect on their grades and/or placements in advanced courses for next year?  Thank you.

RESPONSE: Unless the federal government approves the state’s waiver  request (which looks unlikely), all students in grades 3-8 will be taking the state tests in English Language Arts and mathematics this year. At this point, the state has not indicated how that will look – there is flexibility as to the length of the tests, for example. Virtual students will be asked to come into their school buildings in order to take the secure exams. There is not a form regarding opting out of the test – as in the past, you need to send a letter to your principal indicating that your children will not be participating in the state tests. The state tests do not have any impact on the student’s overall academic record.

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