Questions about reopening

COMMENT: Good morning: writing as a concerned Parent who has not seen any guidance from the District as to COVID protocols that will be in place for the coming school year for Middle School students (other than separating classes into two groups for lunch periods). We want to be prepared. Given that the Delta Variant is causing a rise in cases in our State/County – truly across the whole of the US, is more easily transmissible than the original COVID virus resulting in breakthrough cases and new infections, and most importantly that many kids are not yet eligible for vaccination (and will not be before the start of school), I would like to know what options are available to Students this year. As a baseline precaution, will masks be required for all Staff and Students indoors as recommended by the CDC? I know there has been an appalling lack of guidance provided to School Districts so far but realize that things are evolving once again. I see that NYSED updated their guidelines as of today – what “layered protection” strategies will SGCSD be implementing to keep Students safe? Thank you for your response.

RESPONSE: We expect everyone back, all day, every day.

Only students who have a physician diagnosed medical impairment that will not allow them to attend school in person will have a remote option (which are still being developed).

The district’s plan for tiered mitigation strategies will post to the website mid-week next week.  We will (most likely, unless the BOE fires me) be wearing masks indoors.

More info to come based upon CDC, AAP, SCPHS, SED, and OSHA guidance.

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