Please note these rules for attending football games

Students attending Football Games at the High School should be aware of the following rules which are in place:

1)      There is no-re-entry to the game once a person leaves the field area.  Once a person leaves the gate he/she will not be allowed to return to the game.

2)      Students who are not in school on the day of a game are not allowed admission into the game.

3)      No outside game balls or games of tag, catch, football, etc. are allowed in the field and stands area.  Any outside game balls in use will be confiscated and may only be reclaimed by a parent.

4)      Students under 9th grade must be accompanied by an adult at the athletic event.

Please also note that there is ample parking at the MS with an entry gate by the Middle School/Concession side of the field area.  Entering through this gate will alleviate wait-time in lines.