Nintendo Power Couple shows their video of Glendaal visit

Nintendo Power Couple shows their video of Glendaal visit

JUNE 9, 2017

The Nintendo Power Couple, who visited Glendaal’s Nintendo Club on May 30, has released this video that they shot of their visit!

Nintendo Power Couple to visit the Nintendo Club at Glendaal

MAY 30, 2017

The 40 students in the Nintendo Club at Glendaal, as well as their parents, got a surprise visit last Friday from Felia and Danny, the “Nintendo Power Couple.”

The students had sent postcards and made fan videos with questions for the young couple, who review Nintendo and gaming products from their living room on their own YouTube channel.

The club advisor is grade 1 teacher William Vacca.

“The Nintendo Power Couple were very kind and went above and beyond to get awards to the kids,” Vacca said about last Friday’s visit. “One of the parents even brought a huge Mario themed cake!”

They videotaped and interviewed the students. They collected about 20 gigabytes of pictures and video that they will recap online this Friday, June 2, said Vacca.

As part of the Nintendo Club, Vacca said he has been creating recap videos and posting them to his website. The videos caught the attention of a Nintendo-sponsored YouTube channel called the Nintendo Power Couple. Here’s the link to their channel –

“Our club has made the Nintendo Power Couple (NPC) some fan videos asking them questions. NPC wanted to give the students awards for the next Mario kart battle we are having, but then they had the idea to come and hand deliver the awards themselves,” said Vacca.