Morning health screening app revised to align with CDC and state rules

Dear Scotia-Glenville Community,

Throughout the month of December, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Governor Cuomo, and the NYS Department of Health changed their COVID-19 quarantine and exposure limits from 14 to 10 days. This exposure timeframe will now be reflected in the daily health screening language starting tomorrow morning. This does not necessarily indicate a quarantine timeframe will always be 10 days in length as experts from the Schenectady Department of Health will ultimately decide on a quarantine duration based on information collected by contact tracers.

In addition to the change from 14 to 10 days, the Governor’s updated travel advisory has been updated in the screening language to reflect “travel internationally within the last 10 days or traveled outside of New York for more than 24 hours to any state or territory other than Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, or Vermont.”