Minutes, August 11, 2020


Communication Advisory Team- Meeting Minutes 

  1. Welcome and Introduction – Susan
  2. Minutes from August 4 meeting
  3. Group Roles
    1. Facilitator – Susan and Megan
    2. Note Taker – Liz Fawcett
  1. Town hall meeting
  • Mrs. Swartz shared Department of Health announced more guidance for meetings with communities: 3 meetings set up for next week – August 17, 19 and 20 next week 
  • Updated from Mrs. Swartz running about 80% plan to return for in person and 20% all virtual option based on survey estimates so far 
  1. Review of team feedback on parent letter: Help Us Keep Our Staff and Students Safe
    1. Help Us Keep Our Students & Staff Safe Brainstorming for Letter
    2. Group Brainstorming Responses:
    3. CDC’s Decision-Making Tool for Parents & Guardians:
  • Mrs. Johnson shared documents that are not yet public and is requesting feedback from this committee on on these sites:
  • Deadline set for Friday August 14th for this committee to respond with comments and feedback on this document links; 
  • Mrs. Swartz shared that videos and checklists are also in the works to enhance these links 
  • Survey data will still be collected after the deadline if needed  
  • Mrs. Johnson will share all links with this committee, meeting minutes from our meeting on August 4th and parent letter comments from this committee. 

Instruction for parents regarding observing illness in their child(ren) and keeping them home (document screenshared in meet)

  • Mrs. Johnson shared the Covid 19 Screening Attestation from Neric and demonstrated how the site works for both staff and students to enter screening information (The Daily Pass); can be used across all platforms; Mrs. Johnson shared that this screen is not ready to share publicly yet 
  1. Back to school checklist for families
    1. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HHV5c1r_MJhtMIO1cGVOuVqhNXF13piofMDHuczfqXg/edit?usp=sharing  
    2. Feedback/comments are welcome…anything additional to add, please add a comment by Monday, August 17
  • Member of this committee suggested that a parent should be aware of and link the state travel lists; also add state numbers in addition to the school 
  • Mrs. Swartz shared that we are not requiring anyone to be Covid tested before school returns.  It will not be the school that tests.  The Schenectady Department of Health will be leading this safety initiative.
  1. Questions / Comments / Housekeeping Items

    Sharing a screenshot from the Home Learning Support site Liz Fawcett is working on for our families (thank you for sharing this, Liz!):

    Questions from Chat

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