Mentoring Appointments, 2019-20

Mentor Tier Stipend

Mary Radom 3 $250

Chris Decarlo 3 $250

Mary Radom 3 $250

Leanna Leffler 2 $500

Lee Ann Napolitano 2 $500

Anti Bruinsma 3 $250

John Connolly 3 $250

Diana Shanty 1 $1,000

Gina Brown 1-Splitting with R.Gatta $500

Reagan Gatta 1-Splittling with G. Brown $500

Brenda Tessier 1 $1,000

Megan Gilligan 1 $1,000

Jeff Denney 3 $250

Stephanie  Dimopoulos 3 $250

Danielle Bogue 3 $250

Jeff Grizzaffi 3 $250

Jan Tunison 3 $250

Rob Przedwiecki 3 $250

Scotia Glenville Mentoring

We have expanded our mentoring programs in an effort to grow the program to improve our support for teachers new to our district.  All new hires will be provided a Scotia-Glenville mentoring experience tailored to their needs. Mentors would be paired by the office of the Assistant Superintendent with feedback from the mentor coordinator. The all appointed mentors would receive a stipend. The full year stipend is currently $1000 and will be pro-rated for other tiers.

1.  Tier 1 Full year mentoring (Sept to June) (60 hours)

  • This  will  be  provided  for  any teachers  who  require  mentoring for NYS certification
  • Includes 3 release days

2.  Tier 2 Half year mentoring (Sept to J an) (30 hours)

  • This will be provided for  any teachers who  are new to district  and have less than 5 years of prior teaching experience
  • Includes 2 release days

3.   Tier 3  Quarter year of mentoring (Sept to Nov) (15 hours)

  • This will be provided for  any teachers who  are new to district and more than 5 years of teaching experience
  • Includes 1 release day

All teachers involved in the mentoring program would be required to attend seminars to acclimate to Scotia – Glenville. These seminars will occur between September and November.

Proposed topics

1)             APPR process and expectations (Danielson and Staff Trac)

2)              Using Power Teacher

3)              CTLE /certification

4)              NYSUT / SGTA

Updated  2018-2019

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