Listen to the community, not the union, when making post-COVID decisions


As a teacher in this district, I would ask that as the school is making decisions regarding updating covid-mitigation policies, please don’t rely on the SGTA to speak on behalf of all teachers.  Nothing personal to the individuals in leadership positions in the union, but I have not felt that the union is representing the desires of its members in the best way.

Last year over the summer there was a survey given to families and staff regarding their comfort level going into the 2020 school year.  I was able to see the the results of that survey while it was up for the brief period of time before the union pushed for it to be taken down and no longer publicly available.  From what I can remember, the majority of families and staff were comfortable with a more normal setting.  It was upsetting to me that first, the union pushed for the survey results to no longer be transparent, but then pushed for stronger mitigation (than what was reflective in the majority of the community and staff feedback).

As more information is available regarding the stances that NYSUT, NEA, and AFT have regarding mitigation, it seems like the SGTA echoed more of the policy points of the state and national unions than it did to represent the wishes of the families and staff in our community.

I would hope that as we are approaching a new school year in the fall and covid mitigation regulations are being re-evaluated, the staff at scotia and the families in the community have their voice heard.  If another survey is given, I would encourage the district to allow the results to be made public so that everyone has a better sense of the voice of the community.  Since more power continues to be given to the individual districts, transparency is also good to make sure everyone in leadership positions is working for the community as a whole.   I also hope that as any opportunity the school has to move towards normal is taken, for the sake of our students in particular-they need to go back to normal to start to mend the damage done to them over the past year and a half.

RESPONSE: Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

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