Lincoln parade features Penguin, “bucket fillers”

Students sitting in front of a large turkey

Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Day Parade today featured the school’s mascot, a Penguin, as well as spreading  the good news and thoughts of the Lincoln “bucket fillers.”

The parade was staged and organized by the grade 3 classes of Liz Fyvie, Anna Morlock and Bridget Sand.  The parade was hosted by grade 3 students Madeline Dievendorf and Noah Smith, who narrated the parade as it proceeded through the cafeteria.

Grade 3 students Anthony Sellie and Hayleigh King interviewed students in the parade.  The parade also showcased two grade 3 students – Alexa Chase-Jorgensen and Jorja Lawton – who completed their first 5k through Lincoln’s Girls on the Run Group.

The parade highlighted Lincoln’s mascot, the Penguin. A group of students wore their Lincoln penguin t-shirts, a penguin hat and carried penguin balloons in the parade.

“Bucket fillers” marched in the parade and wore bucket filler costumes. With “bucket filling,” students practice how to treat each other kindly and how to be a good friend to one another in order to fill everyone’s (imaginary) bucket with kind things throughout the day.

The parade ended with a Thanksgiving float, complete with Tom Turkey.  All of the 3rd grade students were excited to put part of this parade and our audience enjoyed watching.

Check out a few photos from the parade. Click on the image to enlarge it.