Language finals are NOT Regents exams

COMMENT: Why is Scotia-Glenville High School telling students that they are taking a Regents Exam in foreign languages??!!  For those who do not know, Regents Exams in languages were eliminated a long time ago.  This district never ceases to amaze me! Deceiving, lying, whatever you want to call it, there are no official Regents exams in German, French or Spanish. Modelling a test after the Regents exam does NOT make it a Regents exam.

Below is a link to a story from the NY Times:

RESPONSE: We don’t believe that anybody is referring to the language exams as Regents exams. There may have been a slip by a teacher or a student in referring to them as “a Regents exam.” Everything that has gone out from the school has referred to the tests as Checkpoint exams (A and B).

If you check the list of Regents exams posted on the high school guidance website – /senior-high-school/guidance/nys-regents-exam-schedule-june-3-june-18-26/ – you will not see any reference to the language exams.

As you indicated, the exams are modeled after the Regents exams.  In fact, the organization that develops the exams expects that districts will receive, store, and administer the exams in the exact same manner as we handle the Regents exams.

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